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I was allergic and asthmatic. Allergy shots and allergy remedies from age 6 to age 16 made me into a spacey human pin cushion. Inhalers and drugs were kept in each corner of my life. I recall going to the emergency room one Christmas Eve for adrenaline. My asthma was life threatening occasionally.

Fortunately I was too young to obey authority figures and entered a search for a cause, and a cure. I began to take vitamins, herbs, and anything that provided a ray of hope. After many failed herb, vitamin, and natural experiments that I got lucky…

In the time of 19 I was introduced to some doctor by an elderly friend who was interested in nutrition. This man was regarded as a premier Biochemist, Herbalist and Healer. Hundreds of people followed the man around, and even though he had been criticized by people wanting to discredit him I talked with many, a lot of folks who had undergone tremendous health benefits.

When I met the doctor he said that there are 3 things causing my allergies:

      • Your thyroid is low, which sets the rate of the liver.
      • Your Liver is overproducing histamines as it’s a lot of toxins.
      • Your adrenal glands and lungs are weak (that was no surprise for me but until then I did not know what to do).

This made complete sense because I knew about “anti-histamines” since I had taken them to prevent allergic reactions. One of my symptoms – difficult to awaken in the morning – matched the low thyroid symptoms. My inhaler at the time was epinephrine – an adrenaline-like substance

Within 3 weeks of being treated with herbs he gave me to detox my liver, and herbs/nutrients to construct my lungs and encourage my thyroid and adrenal gland, I was allergy and asthma free. That was 30 years ago, and I have been allergy/asthma free ever since.

Here’s The Picture

The Liver must process toxins and if it can not do it’s job it stores them. If it stores them it also generates additional histamines to protect itself. If an allergen is present the brain sends a message ;”Send out a few histamines! I believe there is an invader!!” And the Liver proceeds it releases too many, and you’ve got the allergic reaction – hives, asthma, sneezing, etc..

Cleanse that the Liver and possibly, like me, you will become allergy/asthma free.