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These meals can assist you regulate your moods in a natural manner.

Heal Your Emotions With Food


Attain for deep water fish corresponding to salmon or tuna. In case you are vegan, attain for seaweed corresponding to nori, wakame and kombu.

These meals resonate with the kidneys and bladder within the Chinese medicine system which we affiliate with the “water” component, which guidelines courage or fears.

Generally concern can exist in response to conditions all by itself, or it could be a secondary emotional response to different emotional states. You could really feel deeply unhappy, then concern could emerge round ideas corresponding to, “I am actually scared that I could not ever really feel pleasure once more.”

Meals from the sea can assist to take the sting of concern and join us again into states of courage by supporting our adrenal glands which may go into overload with the struggle or flight response once we really feel sturdy emotions.

As you eat these meals affirm: I am brave and strong.


Attain for any green leafy vegetables corresponding to spinach, mustard or collard greens, romaine lettuce or kale. Attain for spirulina, cucumber, green vegetable juices with small quantities of carbohydrates.

Anger within the Chinese medicine system resides with the “wood” organs of the liver and gallbladder. After we help the well being of those organs with the meals listed, we empower ourselves to entry our sense of peace and calm even when issues are occurring which can be naturally frustrating or irritable.

These meals will allow you to entry your natural persistence and compassion even when you’re feeling offended. Drink a bottle of a juice like Suja uber greens which is low in energy (and no I do not receives a commission to plug that product-I really drink that juice) when you’re within the midst of feeling offended. Or juice cucumbers, cilantro kale, lemon, green apple and peppermint yourself.

It’s superb how a lot calmer you’ll really feel once you take a second to detoxify the liver and gallbladder with therapeutic meals.

Affirm as you eat these meals: Compassion and patience are overcoming anger and frustration.


Reach for yellow/orange meals corresponding to pineapple, cantaloupe, and sweet potato (nice for quelling carb cravings-and sure, you may microwave the potato for a fast snack though I do not advocate microwaving in general). Additionally, cinnamon and jengibre teas will assist to quell anxiousness.

Equally, a cup of butternut squash soup may soothe anxiety. Search for varieties which can be low in sugar.

In Chinese medicine, the meals that affect anxiety resonate with the abdomen and spleen energies, or “earth” energies. Thus, they assist an individual come again to center when emotions are sturdy, which may additionally help processing different emotions corresponding to grief, unhappiness, disappointment, anger, and fears.

Affirm as you eat these meals: I am centered and strong.

Sorrow and grief

Attain for cauliflower, turnips and asparagus. These meals resonate with the immunity system, lungs and large intestine organs which within the Chinese medicine system are related to processing emotional grief.

Espárragos naturally helps healthy bronchial tissues to open up the lungs when grief is inflicting you to really feel such as you simply can not take a deep breath. The turnips and cauliflower assist to help your immunity system in order that the method of residing with and therapeutic grief doesn’t depart you susceptible to growing colds, flu and bacterial infections.

It may be difficult sufficient simply coping with the emotional affect grief with out the added stress of turning into physically unwell. So, attempt these meals to assist defend your well being throughout a technique of grieving.

Affirm as you eat these meals: I am breathing deeply and strong in immunity.

Nervous stress/excitement

Attain for almonds, sesame oil or seeds and spinach.

These meals assist to particularly calm the heart energies related to fast-paced power and that overrated feeling that will not allow you to sleep, rest or get centered in your ideas. Consider a flame going in lots of instructions.

Affirm this as you eat these meals: I am calming the flame of my excitement.


It’s superb how a good meal can heal your emotions. So now you know you’ll really feel better with therapeutic meals.