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I just wanted to share my own strategy of home remedies for candidiasis that’s working really well for me. In my battle to eliminate it, I’ve read do not eat this, do not eat that. Everything appears to conflict and to make things more intriguing, I’m coping with arthritis and psoriasis. Between all that, it seemed that I could not eat anything!

My Own Home Remedies For Candidiasis

I saw a naturopath a while back and was told something to the effect that candida (and other diseases) can not survive in a clean environment so if what we ingest is of a cleansing character, the candida will eventually depart as the body pH level is normalized and the environment is clean.

Here’s what I’ve been doing for close to 7 weeks- nothing but fruits and freshly made juice (carrots, beets, apple, etc.). Pretty much the precise opposite of every candida diet I’ve read. I wanted to handle my psoriasis and guessed I’d wash out with fruit (the most effective cleansers available).

I believed the candida would still stay and then deal with this after I dealt with the psoriasis and arthritis. Well my candida is gone after 7 weeks of nothing but organic juices and fruit. The naturopath said that it was a misconception that candida sufferers could not eat fruit or sweet veggies – candida can only survive on processed, refined junk.

Now, I recognize that 7 weeks of nothing but fruit is pretty hardcore and I’m not saying everybody should drop their routine and follow exactly what I did. I’m simply saying that in the past I’ve done major colon cleansing, the yeast connection diet, garlic tablets, caprylic acid, the list goes on- and it always came back, particularly because it is summer. So I thought I’d’clean house’ and my psoriasis is diminishing, arthritis pain is gone and so is the candida.

My pitted nails are getting to be smooth too. I repeat, that is only my personal experience. I don’t have a fixed quantity of time that I’ll be on fruits only, but that is all I feel like eating nowadays. I don’t feel weak or dizzy, just the opposite. The best part is I’m not trying to sell anything. And after studying up on rigorously raw/fruit diets, I read about ailments including candida disappearing. So these are my own home remedies for candidiasis.