Acne is a devastating issue. It not only strikes your face but seriously undermines your self esteem and morale. The worst part is that acne often starts when you’re a teenager and this is when you’re the most sensitive about your appearances. It’s often triggered by hormones and can settle down after the adolescence years. However it doesn’t always go away and sometimes it’s essential to take action to control it.

Formas naturales

There are some simple organic ways that could greatly alleviate your acne and sometimes help to clean this up. Even as adults during times of stress acne may appear and cause issues with your self-image.

      • Drink water: drink lots of water as this will flush toxins from your body and moisturize your skin.
      • Eat a healthful diet: it’s extremely important to eat a healthful diet. Your skin reflects what you consume. If you eat junk it’s very likely your complexion won’t be that good and you’re setting yourself up for skin issues. Chocolate may also be a problem and might cause breakouts in certain people. Eat foods that are high in Vitamins E, A, D and B and foods rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride, magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron. You can get these minerals and vitamins from eating fruits and veggies. These important minerals and vitamins may also be obtained from whole grain foods and dairy foods such as yogurt. Try to eat carrots as they are high in beta-carotene, this helps with the healing of acne scars.
      • Face cleaning: Clean your face morning and evening with having a topical preparation, such as benzoyl peroxide has been proven to be helpful. Good basic hygiene can work wonders for your face and also purge acne. Be gentle when you clean your face so you don’t crush the pimples and lead them to erupt and spread bacterial disease.
      • Change your pillow cases: residue from the acne and bacteria will settle in your pillow cases. It’s sensible to wash them every day or every other day to prevent infections. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has been know to help reduce acne breakouts.
      • Make up: use light makeup if your skin can tolerate it. Try using natural products that won’t irritate your skin and be sure it’s water based. Never abandon makeup on your face immediately. Use a gentle makeup remover and then make sure that you clean your face with medicated soap made specially for acne.
      • Keep hair away from the face: Your hair picks up dirt and dust and can promote bacterial infection and brush dirt on your face. Also wipe off your mobile phone face after every time you use it since it’s also can lead to acne breakouts. If one side of your face is breaking out over another, it maybe because of your mobile phone.
      • Honey mask: You may apply honey twice a week to your face. Honey is actually anti bacterial and can help to keep your face free of infections and help to explain any skin infections you might have.
      • Herbal remedies: You can use strawberry leaves, wet them and put on your face. This method was used since olden times by the early Egyptians.

One thing you will need to actually remember is not prick or squeeze those blemishes, this may cause spread of the acne and contribute to scarring.


Acne does not have to ruin your life, for those who have issues that can’t be cared for with easy tips make an appointment with your dermatologist. You might have a more severe type of acne that must be treated with prescription drugs.


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