Sick exhausted girl in scarf is lying in bed wrapped in blanket. Young woman with fever and headache is measuring temperature with thermometer, treated at home. Winter cold and flu concept.

The flu is a highly infectious disease caused due to influenza viruses. When you suffer from the flu you are feeling really weak and miserable. Some symptoms of influenza are chills, high fever, sore throat, body ache, muscle pain, severe headache, dry cough, stuffy nose, fatigue, fatigue, nausea and uneasiness. Still, the reality is that we do not have any true cure available to eliminate flu viruses and viruses. No doubt, you will find flu shots and vaccines available but they’re only valuable for certain strains. There are lots of flu remedies that assist you in protecting yourself from the influenza viruses. There are two strategies for utilizing natural flu remedies.

Prevention from flu

Flu season can be among the most horrible times of the year. Everyone is afraid of catching the flu. During the winter season, flu infects most because we spend time indoors and our immune system must offer maximum power to fight against the cool temperatures. The principal factor behind influenza disease during the wintry period is that virus remains alive for a longer period of time and so can pass on to anyone who breathes the polluted atmosphere. The natural flu remedies enables you to recover from influenza in a shorter time period. So, natural flu remedies have to be followed to keep you from the influenza virus and their illnesses.

To reduce the effects of the virus there are several tested flu remedies that assist you in preventing yourself from the influenza virus during the winter season.

Blow your nose and wash it nicely

In winters our noses tend to be stuffy with fluid and mucus. So you ought to blow your nose and then dip cotton to warm salty water and wash your nostrils thoroughly. Do this 2 to 3 times per day. This will stop you from anything which has settled on your nose. You could even use non-addictive saline nose spray so you can refrain from germinating of influenza virus further. After blowing your nose you should always clean your hands with antiseptic soaps.


You have to get proper rest when you’re infected with the influenza. Take the day from work and sleep. Flu makes your body quite weak so it’s suggested to get ample rest and avoid stress. Flu is a communicable disease and with the smallest contact it can be dispersed. It’s essential that you stay indoors until you’ve fully recovered. Good sleep and rest can help in boosting your immune system. Taking no fractures and working for extended hours during sickness can increase the risk of complications.


Two or three times each day you need to gargle or rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Gargle helps you in cleaning and getting rid of influenza viruses and bacteria that have settled there. Even hot drinks like tea and coffee rinse off the germs out of the throat and stomach. It helps a good deal in the recovery procedure. Gargling also reduces throat pain.

Hot shower or sauna bath

Sauna bath relaxes your whole body and opens your nasal passages. In sauna the air you breath is quite hot making it diffifcult for influenza viruses to remain alive. Viruses weaken and get killed in the hot air. Sauna or hot shower can help you in boosting your immune system.


For those who get a stuffy nose then balm can enable you to get immediate relief. Balm usually contains eucalyptus, camphor and menthol that clear the airways.

Vitamina C

Intake of those supplements of Vitamin C and foods that are high in Vitamin C can boost your immune system. Vitamin C with additional bioflavonoid is considerably more effective than Vitamin C that doesn’t have it.


You eliminate a whole lot of water when coping with the flu. You have to get plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration. Avoid alcohol and coffee since they don’t assist you in keeping water. Drink juices which contain Vitamins.

Avoid touching your face

Flu and other germs enter your body through the eyes, mouth and nose. Never touch your face with dirty hands.

Eat Less

When you’re ill you need to eat less and drink more. Digestion consumes a significant part of energy and therefore will slow down the healing procedure. So you must select foods that can be easily digested.

Support your mind

Try to sleep with your head raised up. This will permit draining of fluid out of your nasal passages simpler.


If you’re infected with the influenza then you have to remember to follow these flu remedies and keep yourself clean. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day so that germs are washed away out of your hands. We sincerely hope that this year finishes smoothly.