Suplemento dietético, polvo de raíz de maca en un cuenco y una cuchara sobre fondo de piedra con espacio de copia

Maca is a tuber (origin ) that develops in the Andes mountains. People indigenous to the area have eaten the origins and fed them to their livestock for centuries. Consuming them is reported to have a beneficial impact on psychological acuity, energy levels, libido and fertility. Traditionally, the origins were eaten and cooked in soups or as part of different dishes. In the 1990s, using maca roots for health and health propagate beyond Latin America. It was now that powdered maca began being produced in massive quantities.

How Is Maca Powder Produced?

After roots are harvested, they are then dried. The two most common techniques of drying are sun drying and drying in massive ovens. Sun drying is the better choice as it doesn’t involve high temperatures that destroy some of these valuable nutrients of the maca roots. After drying, the roots are then washed carefully. Some manufacturers use a chemical disinfectant. The ideal use just a 100% natural organic sterilization solution. At that stage, the dry maca roots are then ground to a fine powder.

Quality Variables

There are 6 variables that influence the quality and effectiveness of the potent superfood. Here’s the complete list.

How and where the roots are grown

Some maca is currently produced using chemical fertilizers and in soil that’s accustomed to the point of fatigue. The greatest powdered maca comes from roots which have been grown organically and traditionally with respect for the property. Organic agriculture preserves the minerals within the soil, meaning the maca powder resulting from it is going to contain higher quantities of bio vitamins.

How the roots are dried

In relation to nutrition and the effectiveness of any powdered maca, sun drying is the best. The sun acts as a natural disinfectant. Second, the sun doesn’t heat the maca roots to the stage where any of the enzymes or other nutrients are missing. Always choose sun dried over oven dried maca powder.

How the roots are disinfected

As stated earlier, maca roots which are washed naturally simply make a high quality product than those cleansed using compounds. Chemically disinfected maca powder comprises traces of these chemicals used in the procedure.

How the roots are ground into powder

Grinding of these roots shouldn’t involve any heat whatsoever and needs to be carried out in a sterile facility with stainless steel equipment.

How the powder is saved

Shelf life on quality maca powder is 18 months to two years – if it’s kept in an airtight container out of direct light. Careful storage not only preserves the nutrients, but also the taste of the powdered maca.

If anything is added to the powdered maca

Some manufacturers add other ingredients to their powdered maca. This is especially true of maca powder that’s sold in capsule form and of especially inexpensive powdered maca brands. The best maca powder concerning efficacy is always the one that’s pure.

The Best Maca Powder?

Another thing to be aware of is that there are different kinds of maca that produce several kinds of maca powder. Maca roots grow in 3 colour groups: yellow/gold, red/pink, and black/purpleblack. As a result of colour differences, maca powders generated from every sort of origin have slightly different nutrient profiles.

    • Yellow/gold powdered maca is the most frequent and has had the most research done on it to date. People have reported many benefits from using it and it’s still the most common kind of maca powder on the market.
    • Black powdered maca is the next most common. It’s a little darker in colour and has been marketed for the past ten years or so. One study indicates that black maca powder is very valuable in increasing sperm counts.
    • Red powdered maca is the rarest of all sorts of maca. It’s high in antioxidants and other phytonutrients and has been shown to shrink the prostate in some research. Additionally it is slightly sweeter in flavor. For all these reasons reddish maca powder is rapidly becoming the maca of choice amongst maca fans.