El hombre sentado en la cima de la montaña, el ocio en armonía con la naturaleza.

These days most individuals appear to be running in circles trying to keep up with this merry-go-round called life. We can run a bit faster and harder, but we are never going to catch up, unless we set the speed. Here are a couple of ways to slow down your busy lifestyle to empower yourself.

Vivir con la mente en alto

Living in equilibrium is learning how to live each moment fully. These minutes we take for granted are ideal unto themselves. Being balanced is Mindfully focusing on whatever task is before me rather than rocking the boat by mindlessly letting my thoughts run rampant thinking of what happened yesterday or leaning too far to the right thinking about tomorrow. I needed to concentrate on Mindfully educated myself in rowing the ship right forward if I was going to get to the other side. I had to concentrate on the tasks ahead of me and nothing else. So this meant when I was with my children, I needed to place my focus and energy on them. When I was at work… I then would concentrate on the tasks at work. When I was with my husband, I had to be with him. This reminded me when we’re giving our full attention to the person we’re with this is the maximum type of loving them.


Through meditation and prayer comes a soft, quiet voice which guides us. We’re told precisely what to do. Often we hear the voice, but we doubt it and do not follow the instructions. We just follow our inner voice – occasionally. In my meditation, asking my higher self what I had to do to live a balanced life, I heard that I had to do more preparation.

Then I found applications programs and other devices to help me keep my workplace in order. When the free feeling came over me that accompanied balance and order, then I went to work on de-cluttering my whole property. The world supported me when I just happened to grab a professional organizer on a tv show suggesting ways to eliminate clutter. “We hold onto things, considering the past and our yesteryears by keeping old things we do not need. In addition, we continue to stuff we do not need thinking that we might have the ability to use it later on.” This struck me like lightning. He’s talking about mindfulness! I needed to live at the moment and quit living in the near future or the past and eliminate stuff. So like an army ant I went to work releasing things in my life that I didn’t use today. What a cathartic, free feeling.

Compassionate With Myself

These three keys were wonderful and worked for me immediately when I implemented them. But there were times when I was not going to think about nature’s divine order. Instead I was going to get stressed considering the chaos in my life, especially when I was tired. And I wasn’t going to certainly live each minute… because mindfulness is a practice.

These measures were guides to help me keep my life in balance, but it is OK when I fell off the wagon. I was going to look at being out of equilibrium as a reminder that I had to get back in line and go within first through prayer and meditation. The outer will automatically line up with celestial order.

Before when I had been trying to live a balanced life, I was constantly beating myself up because I just did not know how. It was not something my parents taught me, or I heard in school… nevertheless I thought I was wrong for not knowing how. So now I’m learning to be kind and gentle with myself. Being compassionate with me is self love. Love dissolves the poisonous emotions of frustration and anger… that keep us in turmoil and out of sync. Love is balance.

Am I living in a three-ring circus? Absolutely. The growth of the technical age has made us busier than ever. But rather than attempting to balance and keep up with this ever-spiraling world which seems daily to spin faster, I remember who I am. A spiritual being who is currently living in heavenly order. With this in mind I know I will balance on life’s high-wire. And when I get out of balance and fall, my higher self is my web, constantly catching me and I’ll land on my feet perfectly balanced.