Portrait of beautiful young woman meditating and doing namaste hand gesture on a sunny day in jungle. Healthy lifestyle concept.

This exercise is intended to remind you of who you really are. A different kind of meditation technique if you will, to help you get more used to connecting with your Higher Self on a daily basis and also to get in contact with the loving, calm being that you’re, instead of the false identity your self is trying to convince you that you’re.

It only takes about 5 minutes but the consequences can be everlasting.

Meditación guiada

The first thing you will need to do is close your eyes. Now imagine the greater loving part of you takes one giant step backward from your body and rises about two feet above you. (as if you’re standing in the bottom of a staircase facing forward and there was a person directly on the step over you)

Now envision this totally non judgmental being smiles down on top of your mind and places their hands on your shoulders.

This greater loving self has been with you since the start of all time. It absolutely loves you unconditionally. It’s never angry with you. It’s never critical. It understands every choice you’ve every made and the reason you made it.

It laughs at your antics; the funny things you do. It smiles in loving encouragement as you stumble your way through things, having no doubt you’ll get the solution once you look in the perfect direction.

This greater being is All That Is. While you may occasionally forget your relationship, it does. It knows every life you’ve ever lived and each one that you will later on. It sees the total picture. While your ego self may not understand why you’re supposed to meet a specific person today or maintain a certain location at a certain time, this higher self knows exactly why. Knows exactly the sequence of events which will stem from it which will bring you exactly what you’re wanting.

There’s nothing that you ever have to say or do to make its love and advice. It’s there unconditionally and consistently. It sees you for the perfection which you are and could be called on at anytime to help remind you of it. It’s a greater love for you than any human on this planet is capable of. It’s a love bigger than any parent, child, spouse or partner can provide you all combined. You’re never alone in this world and will never lack the feeling of being loved when you’re reminded that this self is always with you.

Now imagine that this higher being gives your shoulders a gentle loving squeeze before stepping back down and back in your own body. A reminder that it’s always with you. Within You. It’s never floating in the heavens above from reach – never out of you – but in you always.

Now it is back inside your body discharge any other ideas which may be running through your mind and concentrate on its love. Imagine now that the same being that was behind you a moment ago is now in the back of your mind. You may really feel a tingle when you consider it. It’s still smiling, still enjoying. Always calm and calm. You might begin to feel the tingle run down the back of your neck or your back as you admit that this amazing beings presence. This is you – your authentic self.

Try this exercise a few times a day the first days that you use it. Eventually you won’t have to envision your greater self stepping in and out. Eventually you’ll feel the tingle and knowingness in the back of your mind always quite naturally.

Eliminate your thoughts and focus on this adoring, all-knowing being back there smiling and inviting. Silently listen to whatever it may tell you. Know it will gladly answer all your questions should you take your ego ideas away and give it quiet space to enter.

Remember that it always sees the larger picture. It’s never concerned about silly little things like invoices, or work or troubled relationships. It’s so large and so knowing that those small things are only a tiny little speck compared to how big you are and this part of you understands it with certainty. It’s always calm and when you concentrate on it you can feel the calmness and listen to the words “That’s what you’re concerned about, you silly thing? We’re so much bigger than that.”

After awhile you will discover you could call with this feeling at will. The moment any worries might arise you may learn to instantly go to the back of your mind and feel the deep calm feeling inside and you also will remember the bigger picture.