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It’s been said the pain of kidney stones is like giving birth. But, whilst childbirth is a welcome and predicable occasion, the sudden, excruciating pain of a kidney stone strikes without warning. Such is the shock and the agony of the, it’s hardly surprising you will readily agree to operation. Yet a bit of research will discover some very effective home remedies for kidney stones, which may avoid painful, invasive surgery in the vast majority of cases.

Piedras en el riñón

To know how it’s really possible to prevent the surgeon’s scalpel, you want to envision a kidney stone. Consider a ball about 1/4 inch (4 -5 mm) in diameter. The reason for kidney stones is a build up of crystals that coagulate together to form the rock. Whilst it remains in the kidney, you’ll be oblivious to it. The problems only arise if the rock starts to move from the bladder and down the narrow tube, called the ureter, linking the kidney with the bladder.

Being composed of a mass of crystals, the surface of the stone will be somewhat rough — jagged — and the more jagged and rough the surface, the more pain it will cause as such jagged points dig into the walls of the ureter. In extreme situations, the jagged edges will dig so deeply the rock will stop traveling down the tube and block it. If this happens, the crisis deepens, because besides extending the amount of the pain forever, there’s a real threat the blocked ureter will lead to a dangerous infection. This is because the body’s waste products, normally regularly expelled in the urine, are not able to get beyond the blockage and get backed up in the kidneys themselves.

Remedios caseros

The truth is that, whilst contemporary lifestyles and diets are a significant cause of kidney stones, the best home remedies for kidney stones are now based around regular supermarket items.

Chief among these is acid to rapidly dissolve those jagged edges and so reduce that debilitating pain. Don’t be alarmed at the prospect of drinking acid, because most of the valuable foods we eat contain acid. For instance, that freshly squeezed Florida orange juice, a terrific way to begin your breakfast, contains citric acid. And cranberries, prunes and plums are among some of the greatest health-giving foods, yet are abundant in benzoic acid. Even that old favorite for maintaining the doctor at bay: the apple, has high levels of malic acid, which give the fruit its clean, sharp flavor.

Acid acts on the rock, smoothing off those jagged edges. That should give some quick pain relief. Then, since the acid proceeds to dissolve the rock, reducing its size a bit more, the rock will be prepared to pass harmlessly down the narrow tube of the ureter to the bladder. To assist this process, you should drink a quantity of fibrous vegetable juice. This may benefit the kidneys and help push the rock down the tube.

Once the rock is from the ureter, your pain should have gone, though you may feel a little bruised for some time. Once in the bladder, the stone will be broken down some more by the remaining acid. At this point, it might even break into small fragments. Then these will be flushed harmlessly out of the body, during menopause.

The third and final procedure of home remedies for kidney stones ought to be a complete flush of the system by drinking tons of fresh, clean water. In actuality, not drinking enough water is the primary cause of kidney stones, because inadequate water allows the crystals which form the rock to coagulate in the uterus, instead of being flushed from the body.

But many victims often undergo a repeat phenomenon, even after operation, because they don’t adjust their diet and way of life. So develop that first great habit, of drinking a few glasses of pure water each day, whilst that distress is fresh on your mind. Also be mindful soda and other drinks are no substitute for pure water. Indeed, many are diuretic and so actually dehydrate the body.


Now you know of other more appealing alternatives to surgery, I hope you’ll feel empowered to prevent the pain and hassle of a hospital trip. And, in the event that you generally pay for medical treatment, you will be thrilled to know using these home remedies for kidney stones will lead to a much smaller bill!