Container gardening is attracts more than aesthetics in the house. It’s as flexible as it’s practical.

Container Gardening for Beginners

If you’re living in an apartment or condominium where gardening space is a problem, then you may opt enjoying cost-effective procedures of container gardening. If you’re a beginner, allow me to indulge you with some fantastic tips for starting up an herb container garden. Like the saying goes, “Try It, You’ll Like It”. So to stop you being overrun and pulling your hair out, save that for another event, keep it simple. Start with plants that don’t require a whole lot of effort and time to nurture. Here are some of the great candidates for a newcomer’s hardy herb container garden:


The normal green basil herbs serve as a gorgeous garden add-on. However, its more intriguing kind, the dark opal, takes the kinds of dark red-leafed basil with a light pink blossom. Besides its looks, it’s also a perfect flavoring for tomato juices and pastes. Hmm, I’m getting hungry. Placing a sprig of basil leaves inside your vehicle can help refresh your senses. Basils are grown in bright places and in rich, moist and well-drained soil. Start with the seeds in the pots. Eventually, you can transplant the seedlings if they show several true leaves.


Chive looks strikingly like a blade of grass. Many cooks and chefs are fond of using chives in preparing salads, egg dishes and sauces. Their pretty purple flower can even be applied as garnish, including color and taste. Cebollino can practically grow anywhere since they can survive drought. This herb works for me, because sometimes I’m simply not attentive. Have it potted in a reasonably wealthy and well-drained soil. In growing chives, it’s ideal to begin with existing plants than using the herb’s bulbs. For maintenance, cut the leaves back into two inches after flowering.


Mint is a popular add-on to sauces and assorted mix of fruit drink. It may even be utilized as an edible accent of some special dishes. Aside from that, it’s also utilized in some standard preparations, offering relief to body aches, cold and influenza. As a runner, mint can become very invasive. It may be like the thread at the seam of a garment which just keeps unraveling. On the other hand, this series of vigorousness makes them easier to cultivate. Just have them potted in a rich, moist and well-drained soil and put it at a place with full sun to partial shade and your mint kettle will do just fine.


Lavender is one of the most fragrant herbs. It’s popularly used among scented candles, perfume odor and potpourri. I like the smell of lavender and use it in several different ways and areas in my dwelling. Its light purple flowers make absolutely breathtaking centerpieces. Aside from its odor, traditional Chinese healers consider lavender oil as cure-all oil. On the other hand, lavender is also among the simplest plants to grow. Have them in a pot of mild and well-drained soil and put them in sunlight and they’ll do great. For maintenance, you want to do some trimming of its branches after 2-5 years. However, cutting promotes branching and prevents blossoms.


Start small and hardy herbs to your very first container garden. Don’t jump into the skillet till you are ready.


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