mujer tiene dolor de vejiga o uti sentado en la cama en el dormitorio después de despertarse sintiéndose tan enfermo,Concepto de salud

I ate a whole lot of sugar over Thanksgiving weekend. Who can resist all of the tempting pies and other treats within easy reach over these holidays? I can’t. Especially when I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant. I’ve been feeling fine, but a few days after I got home from our trip I found myself with very low energy. I must have been tipped off by my feelings of not caring about anything and just wanting to return to bed.


I didn’t have the symptoms of burning when I went into the restroom or the regular need to go, but I know I ammore vulnerable to yeast and urinary tract infections when I’m pregnant.

Hice la prueba de orina normal en su oficina, y salió alta en luekocytes, lo que sugiere la enfermedad, nitritos, lo que sugiere que el tracto urinario, y un poco de sangre, que también apunta a una ITU. La infección estaba empezando a hacer estragos y apenas sabía que la tenía.

En una ocasión, mi médico atendió a una mujer que estaba de parto con una infección de las vías urinarias y no podía expulsar al bebé porque su vejiga no dejaba de tener espasmos. Así que Vickie me dijo que tenía que tener la enfermedad resuelta en una semana o querría que tomara un antibiótico (algo que deseo evitar firmemente).


I believe that the reason the infection was not manifesting itself more strongly is because I was drinking water with lemon oil in it daily. I’m sure this helped keep the disease at bay. But I was not drinking enough in general. The lemon just was not enough to combat all of the sugar with the low quantity of fluids I consumed while traveling.

Formas naturales

I already knew most of what Vickie would recommend. Kidney herbs, 2 capsules, three times per day, disease herbs, 2 capsules, 3 times per day and some sort of essential oils. She advocated myrrh rubbed in my lower abdomen. Mirra is also in her Infection Fighter formula.

I also really liked her proposal of earning a cranberry/apple drink by mixing up real fresh cranberries, which are in season now, with apple juice. I threw in a little yogurt and stevia, and I’m creating a drink everyday. It’s delicious! Cranberry juice prevents bacteria from adhering to the wall of the urinary tract, so it is great to drink the juice take CranActin capsules if you feel something coming on.

Tomé dos dosis de las fórmulas de hierbas con un poco de exceso de equinácea el primer día, ¡y a la mañana siguiente ya tenía mi energía! Me alegré mucho de ello. Me sentí bien e intenté beber una gran cantidad de agua con limón junto con mis hierbas y una cápsula de On Guard por si acaso. Además, evité el azúcar blanco.

Bebida de arándanos y manzana

Sólo hay que mezclar bien estos ingredientes en una batidora.

      • 1/2 taza de zumo de manzana
      • 1/2 taza de arándanos frescos o congelados
      • 1/2 taza de yogur (opcional)
      • 2 hebras de extracto puro de stevia en miniatura (opcional)
      • 1/2 taza de hielo (opcional)
      • 1/2 taza de espinacas, acelgas o col rizada para una nutrición adicional (opcional)

Herramientas para combatir las ITU

      • Aceite esencial de mirra frotado en el bajo vientre, 2 veces al día (opcional)
      • Evitar la basura y el azúcar blanco es fundamental. Coma más alimentos crudos e integrales
      • Make sure that there’s no constipation in the digestive tract. Take colon herbs or Doterra’s peppermint essential oil in a capsule if necessary. The body has to be free to remove all of the toxic materials possible.
      • The tools for assisting ourselves do exist and they work. If we only learn about them and try them, their purpose will become second nature to us. It’s empowering to be our own doctor!

Palabra final

As long as I focused on getting enough disease fighting power together with the kidney particular herbs, my leukocytes went down. The bottom line is, you need to get as competitive as whatever it is that you’re fighting. I really didn’t need to take antibiotics because I often have yeast issues and my babies usually get thrush when newborn at any stage. So I needed to get more aggressive with my natural remedies until I got the upper hand.