El jardinero siembra semillas y cuidados en macetas de turba

Most of the crops that people grow such as the perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs are essentially just blossoms, in essence. Gathered with the rising interest in gourmet and higher level cuisine within the recent years, herbs have always been considered by home gardeners as being a part of the culinary arena. Herbs are generally used while they’re fresh to garnish salads or add flavor to vegetables, or enhance the flavor of stews and meats. The herbs may also be used on food when they are dry; the drying of herbs makes storage to be simple for future use. There are many herbs that can be found in the world today and they may be grown from both cuttings or from seeds. Listed below are a few herb garden seeds which may be used to grow herbs at a little garden in the backyard of the house.

La dulce albahaca

It goes by the scientific name Ocimum basilicum. The green in addition to the Dark Opal kind of basil are normally attractive herbs which are acceptable for a small or medium sized backyard. It’s better to sow the seeds directly into the garden where they will grow and this should especially be done around mid-May. These seeds take a couple of days to germinate; approximately 7-10 days. Transplantation of Albahaca is easy therefore it can be achieved without causing any harm to the herb. The basil plant normally grows to a height of 18 inches and requires a distance of 12 inches between the plants. The Dark Opal is characterized by magnificent profound red foliage together with attractive reddish flowers. Basil is normally utilized to flavor tomato pastes and tomato juice.

Tomillo o Thymus Vulgaris

This is essentially a hardy perennial herb which grows like a tree. The leaves are chosen to be dried before the blossoming of the flowers. The seeds are sown inside and germinate after 21-30 days and grow gradually while still young. This herb grows to a height of 12 inches and requires a space of 8 inches to separate it in the next plant. Additionally, it requires soil that’s full of nutrients. This sort of herb is mainly used to taste poultry sauces and dressings.

Borraja o Borago officinalis

It’s blossoms that turn from pink to blue as the herb grows. This herb is an yearly crop planted mostly in May. It grows to a height of two feet and requires a spacing of approximately ten inches between the plants. Germination normally occurs after 7-10 days and doesn’t do well with transplantation unless it’s done while the plant is still young. The herb is used to add taste to tossed salads.

Eneldo o Anethum graveolens

This is feathery yearly foliage. The blossoms are pale yellow and small and grows to a height of about two feet tall. They take 7-10 days to germinate. It’s not a good idea to transplant them and demand a spacing of 4 inches. They’re used for pickling in addition to adding flavor to meat dishes.

Todas las anteriores son algunas de las hierbas que pueden cultivarse en el jardín. Apenas elija la clase de semillas del jardín de la hierba necesitadas y vaya a continuación y plante su jardín de la hierba.