Studio photo shoot of a Nephrolepis exaltata

When it comes to office plants, we should all be conscious of their valuable qualities but for those of you who are still unsure office plants have been demonstrated, on numerous occasions, to have a positive influence on workers health, productivity and anxiety levels.

Office plants

From a management standpoint, office plants not just regulate humidity levels that will assist you remain in accordance with ‘Duty of Care’ laws but they can also help improve the aesthetics of your business premises and make a lasting impression.

With a growing number of office managers realising the significance of implanted office displays a couple of important plants are identified and highlighted for their specific qualities. Interior landscapers throughout the globe all tend to use similar species within their implanted office screens for the simple reason that particular species do better in indoor climates.

Which one?

But how do you know which species are more appropriate? The easy response to this question is it to make sure that the plants you select are the ideal ones you need to hire professional office plant provider. Expert interior landscapers will have the ability to estimate your assumptions and determine which office plants will best fit your needs. However, outlined below are ten of the best office plants to get you started.

The Areca palm

Perhaps among the most popular office plants thus far as a result of the elegant and graceful leaves and gorgeous appearance. The Palma Areca is a really tolerant and versatile office plant which deals well in indoor climates. Particularly good at removing moisture in the atmosphere and regulating humidity levels the Areca Palm is a great all rounder and is often found in planted office screens.

Ficus Longafolia

The Ficus Longfolia is an perfect office plant when you’ve got a large space to fill because its bushy foliage. With long thin leaves this nicely proportioned plant is a welcome addition to any planted office screen and is particularly popular with lovers of more traditional office plants. Along with its brother the Ficus Benjamina this large plant is an exceptional choice for anybody seeking to enhance indoor air quality.

Dracaena Janet Craig

Part of the hugely popular Dracaena family the Janet Craig is a very popular option amongst interior landscapers because of its versatility and gorgeous foliage. Along with other members of the Dracaena family the Janet Craig is exceptionally sufficient at improving indoor air quality and creates a welcome addition to implanted office screens.

Ficus Benjamina

The Ficus Benjamina is other wise known as the Higuera llorona and is just another member of the popular Ficus family. These perfect office plants arrive in a number of green colors and are tolerant of the occasionally harsh indoor climate. A reasonably large office plant that this species is also extremely well known in showrooms and shopping malls as part of implanted displays.

Boston fern

El Helecho de Boston is definitely ‘a golden oldie’ and continues to be popular as a workplace plant for several years. Particularly helpful for improving humidity levels and eliminating formaldehyde, an indoor volatile chemical created by modern office equipment. Although this office plant doesn’t produce any flowers it stays in demand and is highly recognisable.

Spathyphyllum Sensation

More commonly called the Lirio de la Paz, this gorgeous plant is possibly the most popular of office plants. Included by just about all interior landscapers the Peace Lily is exceptionally versatile and visually stunning. Having been demonstrated to be especially good at removing indoor air pollutants such as benzene, acetone and formaldehyde this office plant is vital for any planted office screen. Spathyphyllum’s have long glistening leaves and a creamy white flower enclosed in a spathe.

Euphorbia Ingens

(Cowboy Cactus) This exceptionally popular cacti is perfect if you’re searching for an interesting addition to your office. The shallow spikes and conventional shape make this office plant a stylish statement.


This show stopper of a plant is quite colourful and makes an exceptional statement whether on its own or used as part of a planted office screen. Being very versatile and beautiful has made this office plant quite popular and has a massive effect on visitors to your workplace.


Sometimes called ‘Prayer Plants’ or ‘Zebra Plants’ the Calathea species are extremely popular with indoor office lovers and have large attractive foliage. Well recognised for their patterned dark green leaves and silver colored stripes or blotches Calathea’s are ideal for dimly lit office surroundings.


A very versatile species with the capability to grow in a variety of lighting conditions that the Aglaonema is another favourite among interior landscapers and indoor plant lovers. A relative of the Spathiphyllum and the philodendron households Aglaonema have oval shaped leaves in various green shades.