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Many women with fertility issues are trying to find natural approaches to treatment. Chinese fertility herbs might be among the very best organic options but women will need to recognize that Chinese herbs and western herbs aren’t used the exact same way.

Who Uses Herbs for Infertility?

Treating reproductive issues with herbs is a really attractive idea for lots of women. They appear less sterile and more in tune with nature and in alignment with the wonder of bringing a new life to the world. They work slowly and softly and enjoy most gifts from nature they’re not as expensive than products manufactured by man. For the millions of  girls who don’t have health insurance, herbs provide hope when expensive high technology procedures and drugs are completely out of reach.

Fertility herbs are also desired by women who have tried all the remedies modern medicine has to offer to no avail. For these women, there appears to be something lacking that the best infertility doctors can’t identify. Sometimes, these girls prefer to try a very different approach; one which has no scientific studies aside from the stories passed from one woman to another year after year and century after century.

A particular group of women seeking the support of fertility herbs are women in their late 30’s and early 40’s who were advised by their physicians that blood tests indicate they are too old to conceive naturally without using a donor egg from a much younger girls. Some of these women say that they believe in their hearts that they can still conceive and so they seek out herbs which have been used by women for eons to aid them in this journey.

Western Fertility Herbs

There really are not many western herbs that are thought to effect fertility. The literature cites black cohosh, false unicorn horn, ortiga leaves, primrose oil, red clover, red raspberry leaves, caste tree berry and wild yam. The herbal fertility blends which could be bought in a health food store or vitamin store comprise some or all these herbs.

All kinds of fertility issues are treated with these exact same few herbs. Every woman is treated exactly the same. There are no known standards or criteria to ascertain how much or how little of these herbs are successful or for how long a woman should take them to get the desired effect.

Chinese Fertility Herbs

Chinese herbs unlike western herbs are always combined into complex and exact formulas. Each woman’s formulation is designed by a highly trained herbalist to deal with another set of symptoms and signs in that special woman. A Chinese herbalist is trained to recognize the subtle signs of imbalances which indicate or lead to fertility issues. The Chinese herbalist will pick from literally thousands of medicinal herbs to produce the particular formula to deal with the imbalance and fix the problem.

Each formulation is uniquely designed and composed of approximately 8 to 13 herbs. The amount of each component is precisely measured to the half g and listed so the formulation can be altered and changed as needed. There are recordings of formulas written thousands of years ago which are still used today to deal with the modern woman.

Effectiveness of Chinese Herbs

At least 3000 years of constant use by millions of girls is a fantastic test of the efficacy of Chinese herbs. If they didn’t work or if they had a negative impact, logic tells us that Chinese herbalists would have stopped prescribing these herbs at least 1000 years back.

We can’t say that western medications have glued the identical test. Many drugs appear to become obsolete after a couple of years. While others are removed from the market completely as it revealed that they’re actually harming individuals e.g.’hormone replacement therapies’. We will all be thankful when some pharmaceuticals are finally replaced by something milder and more humane, e.g. chemotherapy.

How Herbs are Like Fertilizer

Pharmaceutical can work very fast. For those who have a headache you can take a pill and 20 minutes after your headache is gone.

That isn’t how it works with Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs work in precisely the exact same manner as adding compost to your rose bushes works. You include the fertilizer and tomorrow there’s not any influence on the plant but as it grows and develops the rose bush will get more powerful and more beautiful. We give it what it needs and it flourishes.

Progress is achieved in tiny steps not huge leaps. Generally , a woman should consider taking a Chinese herbal formula for 3 to 6 weeks before viewing the entire potency of Chinese herbs. This could be considered two classes of herbs with each class being 3 weeks or about the exact same amount of time it takes for an egg to develop and grow until it’s ready for ovulation.

Chinese Herbal Formulas are Modified

Slowly the body changes and at exactly the exact same time the formula that was created to balance a specific condition has to be altered as the condition changes. If a girl continued to take the identical formula month her body would change and change until it passed the stage of balance and equilibrium and she would show signs of a different sort of imbalance. She’d be no nearer to health and might show signs that would be consider negative side-effects.

The Root vs. the Branch

Chinese herbalist will discuss treating the root-of-the-problem and treating the branch. The origin is considered the root cause of the problem. They would want to cover the reason a woman’s body makes a fibroid or an ovarian cyst as opposed to simply getting rid of the uterus such as by removing it surgically.

The ovarian cyst, by way of instance, would be regarded as the division or the off-shoot of the issue. Perhaps the origin or cause of the problem was that the woman’s slow metabolism that caused the blood to stagnate resulting in the formation of cysts.

Actually Chinese herbalists often care for the branch and the root in exactly the exact same time for the very best and lasting results.

Common Fertility Problems

Common Fertility Problems addressed with the support of Chinese fertility herbal mixtures are irregular intervals, minimally blocked fallopian tubes, polycystic ovaries and fibroids, advanced maternal age and elevated FSH to mention a few. Chinese herbs are also being used to maintain and prolong the reproductive health of girls who would love to conceive in their 40’s.