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Anxiety and panic attacks can be painful for men and women who suffer from such ailments, but the alternatives offered by the mainstream medical establishment often include side effects of their own. What are the secure, effective and natural remedies for this sort of condition?

Natural Cures for Panic Attacks

Some individuals spend their whole lives worrying about something or other. They have a permanent sense of unease and go about their day with a frown on their face. When we proceed through life full of anxiety, we are apt to lose sight of the tiny pleasures that life offers.

Anxiety is an energy-sapping affliction, which affects not only ourselves but also our near and dear ones, as we pass our pressure on them. Anxious individuals have a tendency toward being anxious, cranky, and fidgety, they might also have an inclination towards suffering from headaches, palpitations, breathlessness and heart ailments.

In today’s fast paced competitive world, it’s not surprising that a lot more people are managing anxiety. Work pressures, a balancing act between work and family, parenting at a society that is overburdened, commuting to work in far away places are causes of anxiety in many people. These days even the children aren’t spared, since there is stiff competition everywhere, from college admissions, to examinations, right through to job choice. Feelings of stress can stem from a feeling of being’out of control’ of their lives.


The most common short-term remedies are anti-anxiety drugs accessible through a GP. However, they are addictive and not really suitable because they might have undesirable side effects and just conceal the feelings as opposed to dealing with them directly.

The age-old methods of meditation and yoga are a better choice to combat anxiety on a long-term scale, allowing the space and peace of mind to take care of the underlying issues. However there are lots of kinds of meditation and we must practice every one for a length of time before we could actually judge which kind of meditation is the best, functional and suitable.

Newer remedies

Most individuals find it hard to meditate at the beginning since it’s quite tricky to remain put in one spot and calm the mind. It may take years of training before one can actually attain the requisite relaxed state of mind within minutes.

However, with the progress of technology, there are new procedures of calming the mind and relieving anxiety. Brain entrainment is one such method. It’s a shortcut to bringing the mind to a state of calmness within minutes, by simply listening to special tones and sounds. No effort is necessary.

Brain entrainment techniques

The brain emits electrical impulses. These brain waves could be matched or’entrained’ to outside frequencies by exposing the mind to stimuli like light or particular sound frequencies.

Different states of consciousness could be generated by frequencies in various ranges. For instance, the theta and alpha assortment of frequencies create stillness of the mind (and mind) and a relaxed and creative state . Overtime using brain entrainment techniques actually rewires the brain to operate in another way.

Isochronic tones

To entrain the mind using sound, the most common method is binaural beats. However, the newest development is isochronic tones, which use one tone with a rhythmic off and on beat. This method doesn’t require the use of cans. Simply sit at a quiet location, close your eyes and play with the listing of isochronic tones of this frequency appropriate to the state that you need to be in.

Anxious individuals should pick the alpha or theta selection of frequencies to calm their mind and eliminate their agitations. These frequencies make it much easier to unwind and release the subconcious fears that create the anxieties in the first location. As the mind synchronises itself with these beats, panic and anxiety are calmed in minutes.


Overtime using brainwave entrainment techniques can allow you to alter your mental condition so that instead of waking up stressed and worn out, these isochronic tones enable you to greet the world with joy and anticipation, daily.