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When a child or adult suffers from ADD, their lives can seem insurmountably difficult. Not only are they not able to focus in their school or work time, but they can also become easily frustrated by their inability to keep up with their regular friends. They find themselves moving from one job to another without being able to finish things in addition to their intellect might suggest. While science has attempted to make medications that can control this disturbance in the brain’s chemistry, frequently these drugs can cause more problems than they’re worth.

Defining ADD and ADHD

ADD or attention deficit disorder has become a kind of joke in society. When someone has problems concentrating, they’re known as ADD in a really negative sense. However, there are lots of children and adults which are actually suffering from this illness. Whether it’s a state of their surroundings and inability to interact in this environment without certain skills or whether it is a condition where the brain chemistry is not functioning well, ADD is a severe condition that’s no laughing matter.

ADD happens when the brain in not able to process the messages it receives from the external atmosphere. Often, the mind is functioning at too fast a pace to process the data easily, causing the child or adult to be unable to do anything with what they’re learning. They can not keep up with themselves, in a feeling, so they are always searching for new pieces of advice to keep them stimulated. As this occurs, they can have problems remembering what they’re supposed to do at their specific moment or what they’ve already done.


  • Problems with focussing
  • Issues with completing tasks on time
  • Low test scores
  • Problems with work assignments
  • Inability to concentrate on long term projects

Many times, they’ll also suffer from mood balancing at exactly the exact same time. They may get so frustrated with the way their brain does not work they can also start to suffer from depression and anxiety.


Among the most popular methods to manage ADD at this time is with the use of Ritalin and other newer prescription drugs. These drugs work to slow down the brain so it can process information more readily. In many kids, it can be very effective, but it is not without side effects which have made many parents reluctant to try this therapy. For example, there’s some concern that these sorts of drugs can actually accentuate feelings of melancholy, often resulting in adults or children that are suicidal. And if the kid is constantly suffering from depression, this sort of treatment plan is just going to perpetuate the feelings.

Some newer treatments are including holistic techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, mediation and changes in diet. These appear to be working well for many individuals, but they’re not the only alternative.

Turning to Fish Oil

A few years back, schools in the UK were really considering making fish oil supplementation part of the school day due to its promising consequences. A research done by Oxford-Durham in 2005 noted that kids that took fish oil supplements that included EFA were more likely to report fewer problems with concentration and stress than those in the placebo group.

By analyzing 100 pupils, giving half of the pupils a supplement six times a day of fish oil and EFA and another half a pill with olive oil inside, researchers noticed that students that received the EFA managed to spell better and also to read better over the course of the first few months. As time continued, these results continued to improve.

Other research conducted at Ohio State University noted that adults may also benefit from fish oil supplementation when they were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

Toma nota

When you’re ready to attempt and incorporate fish oil supplements to your child’s diet or to your own, you have a range of options to take into account. The simplest way to be certain the patient is getting consistent levels of the essential fatty acids is through fish oil supplements. High quality supplements will make certain that the ideal amount is taken every day, without having to prepare anything for a meal.

Needless to say, if the individual or family has the opportunity to cook, sources such as fatty seeds are the ideal alternative. By eating just two servings of those fishes per week, the advantages of the fish oil fatty acids can be viewed. Since the body can’t make these fatty acids by itself, it is imperative that they be taken into the body through the diet or supplements.