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How to cure a cold sore (fever blister) is exactly what I think of as part two of the cold sore experience. The first part is when you can feel the tingling as the sore is coming on and the skin tissues break until you’ve got a noticeable blister. The next part of the encounter is when the blister breaks, scabs over and the skin begins to heal. The body will heal by itself, but this post will discuss ways to accelerate that procedure.

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Over the last few years I have been reading everything I can about natural medicine and have concluded that organic is the way to go if it solves your problem. Therefore, when speaking about how to cure a cold sore, I will be speaking about methods which don’t need a physician’s prescription or for that matter over-the-counter medication. To put it differently, natural remedies for cold sores.

Keep It Clean

The first rule when learning to deal with a sore is to keep it clean. You definitely don’t want a prescription for good old soap and water. You might have hydrogen peroxide around the home. Try using that. The fantastic thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it will help prevent a secondary bacterial infection, which would be the last thing you’d need! When drying the area, use something disposable like a paper towel. You do not want the cycle to begin all over again.

Keep the area dry

I’m assuming that the sore has already broken. If so, you need to be particularly careful not to spread the virus into any other part of the body.

Cover The Sore

To be able to maintain the scab soft and also to keep the virus from spreading, you will need to keep the tender covered. You can cover it with something as straightforward as petroleum jelly or lip balm. If you do not have one of them, you may try toothpaste. Some folks swear by it!

Don’t be afraid to test everything.

This may be tough to believe, but honey has anti-viral properties so that it makes a fantastic material for covering up.

Keeping the sore covered is extremely important at this point because when the sore breaks, this is when the virus may spread.

Aloe is also a highly common way to maintain the sore covered. Break an Aloe leaf directly over a tender and guarantee that the gel from the foliage covers the sore thoroughly.


I’m positive that everyone reading this has heard of Zinc. This can be used internally or externally, but most of us have the best luck using it .

Sitruuna Balm

This is a topical cream which demonstrated in a study conducted in Germany that patients who used this, watched their cold sores heal in half the time. Lemon balm has become a very popular way to treat a cold sore


Most of us have a cold sore flare up due to stress. When you’re stressed out, you are adrenal glands begin pumping out chemicals that may turn the fluids in your body from alkaline to acid in only a couple of minutes. This makes an ideal atmosphere for the viruses to flourish. Calcium is a buffer compound. To put it differently, calcium, which is alkaline, can neutralize over its own weight of an acidic substance.

Some green vegetables are also alkaline. Stay away from acidic foods such as tomatoes or citrus fruits and you will have the ability to cure a cold sore much quicker.

The most important thing is that calcium and alkaline foods can’t just help to cure a sore, but could also help prevent future outbreaks.

Caution: Calcium and alkaline foods can boost your immune system. Talk with your physician first because you might be taking drugs that rely on a weak immune system.


Licorice has a chemical in it known as glycyrrhizic acid which will stop the cold sore virus so you can begin to heal. The one issue with this is that I’m talking about actual licorice. Not the artificial kind that you find in many candies. Check the list of ingredients of any item. You’re trying to find the words,”licorice mass”. If they are there, you can eat it. You may also scatter ginger powder directly on the sore.


It’s common knowledge that you need to use ice when you feel a cold sore outbreak coming on, but what lots of folks do not know is it to cure a sore after it’s broken open, you need to use heat. Heat draws up more blood into the skin cells. Viruses do not like the blood and the heat so that they will retire back to the nerves. The increased blood circulation also enables the ability cells to rejuvenate.


If you wish to learn how to cure a cold sore, you will find a number of techniques out there. As I said before, I feel that home remedies (natural) for cold sores are the best. I’m fairly sure a home remedy for cold sores will work best for you.