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Infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse or can’t carry the pregnancy to term. Because of unawareness of remedies, only 10% expects help from specialist specialist. The unexplained causes of infertility is defined as if the female and guys reproductive system are function normally but the existing medical engineering and medical doctors can’t provide a reason why the couple can’t conceive. In this Guide, we will discuss what’s lack kidney yin in traditional Chinese medicine in treating infertility


Kidney yin, also known primordial yin or true yin, is defined as the basis of the yin fluid of the body, therefore it can help to moisten, nourish the organs and cells and take care of the body fluid balance with passion of kidney yang.

Deficiency of kidney yin

Lack of energy

Deficiency of kidney yin causes inability of bladder in stabilization of energy, resulting in abnormal flow of energy, disrupting the blood circulation to the body organs such as the evaluation in producing sperm and sperm in egg production leading to distorting the normal menstrual cycle in women and reducing the chance of fertility.

Blood Flow

Deficiency of kidney yin also raises the chance of irregular blood flow as the heart has to work harder to supply more energy into our body needs, resulting in abnormal use of capillaries and disrupting the normal role of small veins in the nervous system such as dizziness, hearing issues and ringing in the ear. Additionally, it causes abnormal blood flow to the reproductive organs leading to distorting the normal menstrual cycle in women and sperm production in men.


Additionally, it causes abnormal digestive system in absorbing vital vitamins and nutrient as leading to absence of fluid that’s essential for digestive tract in stomach acid secretion, resulting in constipation and abnormal pain.

Burning sensation

People with kidney yin deficiency feel bloated sensation not only in the body such as the chest, but also see bright yellow color in their urine, resulting in oxidative and kidney impairment. If the issue isn’t treated, it may disrupt the production of semen friendly mucus in women and sperm quality guys.

High temperature

Additionally, it raises the body temperature which interferes with egg, cervical mucus production in women and sperm abnormalities in men.


Epäterveellinen ruokavalio

People who consume a whole lot of high energy food and hot food are the perfect candidate to have kidney yin deficiency, because those foods raise the yang qi in the human body and deplete the body’s fluid.

Sexual transmitted diseases

Sexual transmitted diseases increase the risk of infection and inflammation that causes the growth of white blood cells in the body, resulting in immunity malfunction of infertility. Frequent sexual activity drain the kidney energy in keeping a excellent reproductive system resulting in infertility.


Drug abuse and some drugs may damage kidney thus decreasing the purpose of kidney as an reproductive organ for fertility.


People working long hours and stress environment work area may increase the chance of draining our energy flow and qi stagnation resulting in abnormal kidney function.


Aging also causes kidney yin deficiency, as our kidney no longer work just like we’re young.


    • Huimaus
    • Weak pulse
    • Hearing Issues
    • Dry throat and mouth
    • Hot sensation in the palms, soles and chest
    • Sweating, constipation, and seminal emission