Village of Mikladalur located on the island of Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, Denmark
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Natural living has a wonderful ring to it.  There are numerous organizations, companies, web sites, articles and people which are into organic living or natural health in one way or another. There are also many methods of practicing  it.

What is Natural Living?

      • Lifestyle: Family; Consumer.
      • Energy resources: Solar;  Wind.
      • Nutrition:  Consuming it, Producing it.
      • Sharing, writing, working, filming, speaking.
      • Environment: Eco- consciousness;  Active involvement;  Recycling;  Reducing waste
      • Health: Alternative medicine;  Herbs;  Antioxidants;  in organic form or nutritional supplements.

There are numerous methods of studying natural living based on the amount of involvement, participation and even creativity.

The fascinating thing is it is a simple fact of life now because people are conscious of it; there is a positive attitude towards nature and our connection with it; it’s an emotionally charged topic; there’s fear of”nature’s revenge” if we continue the way we do.

At the identical time we must accept that artificial development has attracted material quality of life and is an economic factor in our society.

What “natural” and “living” mean?


“Free of artificiality;””in accordance with nature;””about or concerning nature;””functioning or happening in a normal manner;””existing in or produced by nature;””not artificial or fake”;”being manufactured using only simple or minimal procedures.”


“Pursue a positive and satisfying existence;””the experience of being alive;””the course of human events and activities;””condition of living or staying alive;””reside or live in;””be an inhabitant of;””lead a certain kind of life;””reside in a certain manner;””in its natural state and location (not mined or quarried);””still in existence.”


Natural living would have to take into consideration these definitions, but above all it has to come under the umbrella of “Harmony” and”Balance”.

So after all that, how can natural living sound with this definition? Pursuing a positive and satisfying existence, in a fashion that respects and seeks to achieve balance and harmony with ourselves, nature, and the future.