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I’m seeing a great deal of skin cases recently. I adore these instances because I have huge amounts of personal experience with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema and even ringworm. Dyshidrotic eczema is an irritation that occurs on the palms of hands and soles of the feet where clear, deep blisters pop up that itch and burn. They appear to be worse with sun exposure. Man, do these itch. As a kid I had been hospitalized for this and generalized dermatitis many times.


I think the core cause of most skin diseases are: contact or food allergies, improper food combining and malabsorption/maldigestion, viruses, parasites, yeast and emotional distraught. Children internalize plenty of emotions and I was no different. At age four or five, I was put to a straight jacket to restrain my self-mutilation that was causing secondary bacterial infections in my skin. The nurses weren’t satisfied with me.

I guess what bothered me most about the entire skin treatment process for a kid, was that not a single doctor asked me what I wanted to do and what sort of treatments I’d be comfortable trying. They spoke to my mom and dismissed me as though I was some sort of deaf-mute. I felt used as they dispensed the most recent and best treatments that they knew of, sometimes doing a regime of antibiotics, creams and lotions containing urea and items that stung, together with gut cleansings and hospitalizations.

Let them take part

Because of how I had been treated, I feel it is very important to allow children to be a part of the treatment protocols, so I devote a whole lot of time throughout my consults listening to the kids tell me what they believe. I enjoy knowing that when given a choice of who they want to go watch because of their disorders, often kids will tell their parents they would like to consult with me (either in person or by telephone.) They understand that I will enable them to select techniques they believe will help them, and they enjoy it when they could communicate with their parents more effectively about what they’re thinking.

I discovered as a young adult I had been accurate in listening to my body about what it liked compared to physicians and their allergy evaluations were. Gee, when a kid nearly vomits in the smell of hot dogs or gags in their cream of wheat, it is a fairly good sign there’s a problem with the food… The body is rejecting it.

I recall one food removal trial at which I was only permitted to consume rye-tack for a week in an effort to clear my entire body to get some allergy testing. I believe it was harder on my mother than it was on me to tell me I could not eat with the rest of the family. “Wouldn’t you like another piece of rye-tack?” She’d ask with a pained look on her face.

I can not even imagine what it’d be like to see your child get stuck with 40-50 needles to the testing procedure they used to do for allergies. Nowadays they do allergy testing with blood. I do it through tapping into the body’s energy field using a procedure called muscle testing.

Fortunately I grew out of some of my food allergies, but I finally handle allergies to sulfites, nitrates, MSG, antibiotics, phenol, formaldehyde, squirrels, guinea pigs, nuts, peppers (which trigger fibromyalgia signals ), pollens, environmental toxins, paints, petrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and who knows what else. These allergies appear in an assortment of ways in my system, but the simplest symptoms to control would be the skin symptoms.

Treatments that work

Generally, Here’s What I’ve found works best for skin symptoms like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and psoriasis:

      • Bathe and wash your hair daily: Up to 30 percent of all of the toxins we create in our bodies are expelled through the skin. During heavy pollen instances, it is ideal to shower before going to bed to wash off the pollens out of your hair, as enormous amounts of pollens stick to your hair. If we do not bathe daily, we’re loosing the battle. Using dechlorinated, soft water is your ideal option. Bathing is not difficult to do for people, but let’s face it… it is tough to give your pet a bath daily. We can only do the best we can together with supplements and diet.
      • Eat for your blood type: This is an fantastic selection of treatment for allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and for acid gut syndrome (also called GERD.)
      • Support the adrenal glands and raw adrenal glandulars. Manage stress and cut back on stimulants like sugar, tea, coffee and sodas.
      • Support the liver by eating a lot of raw and cooked dark green vegetables.
      • Treat the underlying parasitic or viral heart causes of psoriasis using homeopathics, appropriate immune builders and wormers.
      • Increase dietary zinc. I often recommend raw, hulled pumpkin seedsabout one tablespoon each day, but I also dispense a whole lot of Standard Process Lab’s Zinc Liver Chelate supplement.
      • Change your pillowcases often. As the pollens get in your pillow out of your face and hair, you smash them into your nose and face making your body even more sensitive to them. If you awaken in the morning filled up, you may also want to throw those pillows to a hot clothes dryer once a week for 20 minutes to find the pollens, molds and dust mites from them as well. Some pollens can travel as much as a few miles, so it doesn’t make sense to eliminate some trees and plants from your yard once your neighbors will not be getting rid of theirs.
      • Use a Neti Pot: A neti pot is a sinus cleansing lotion which looks like a small tea pot that you fill with mildly salty water. You operate the water in one nostril and out the other. Sounds really gross and I’ve never tried it, but a lot of my customers with sinus allergies swear by this product. They say that it really works to keep their sinuses clear and since they’ve been utilizing their neti pot they have their sense of odor that hadn’t been working for ages.
      • Determine which oils are best to use in your skin after a shower or bath. Often this is olive, cold pressed sesame or sunflower oil. Also, Avon Silicone Glove is just an wonderful product to use in your hands as a cream. It requires the abuse of hand washing for people who should wash their hands frequently and though it has a scent to it, it appears to work nicely for allergic folks.
      • Do emotional clearing work: Many allergies must do with traumas from your past and how these traumas have saved on your body as psychological cysts. Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are rather good at handling and even removing some allergies. Please remember that pets pick up on human energy. If you’re suffering, most likely they’re too!
      • Fast: A 5-Day water only fast does wonders to detoxify the body and to kill off yeast that’s often the underlying cause of many skin ailments. Always do fasting under the supervision of a person well-versed in this process. (There are a few contraindications to water-fasting.)
      • Try Allergy Nosodes: These homeopathic drops do wonders for removing allergens from the human body. We use Professional Complementary Health Formulations nosodes and have a great deal of great results together. My favorites are for food additives, sick buildings, yard and garden chemicals, grasses and pollens and tree pollens. Tinea-Aid is the ideal ringworm alternative treatment I’ve ever come across and may be used for both animal and human ringworm. Vaccinosis Nosode drops do a excellent job of having residual small pox vaccine contaminants from your system (particularly for atopic dermatitis) and Bacterial System Immune Stimulator drops do a excellent job of attacking and eliminating the various kinds of Staphylococcus causing oozing, pus and acne in skin instances.
      • Manage the environment as best possible. One can not do much about your hereditary predisposition to allergies, so the next best thing is to minimize, remove and manage the environmental impacts enclosing the allergy sufferer.

Make a list

So, create a list of whatever you’re exposed to including: nutritional supplements, drugs, cosmetics, soaps, cleaners, detergents, perfumes, cigarette smoke, pets, aerosols, work environment provides and scents, hobbies, household scents, molds, insects, foods that you eat and drink and anything else you can imagine that you might be exposed to on a weekly basis. An alternative medicine healer ought to have the ability to go through your list using muscle testing to ascertain which items you can use and that are causing more problems.


You’re the best doctor you’ve got. I had been gifted with having skin challenges most of my life. These challenges instructed me to listen to my body and to trust it. With just a little education and a few new ideas and views, you can do this to–and have your life back. If I could do it, you can too! I promise.