Woman hands on intermittent fasting doing stop sign

Many personal trainers and nutritionists state that they’re frequently asked about the relationship between fasting and weight loss. First of all, you need to realize that fasting is the process in which a person deprives himself of fluids or food for a definite period of time. If fasting is to be classified into classes, then it may be achieved in the following ways:

Skipping meals

This could be planned or unplanned. If it’s unplanned, be cautious. You may miss a meal and eat like a glutton throughout another meal. I call it, “The eating like a bear coming out of hibernation” syndrome. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that, and purchased a tee-shirt many times.

      • Shortening your eating window: In this quick, breakfast is taken later in the day and dinner is taken sooner than normal. This produces a longer time to quickly in the evening.
      • Eating fewer meals per day than you’re accustomed to: Only dinner and breakfast might be eaten, developing a lengthy gap between the two meals.

Fasting every other day

This is an aggressive sort of fast and must be performed just for a week or two once or twice annually. You definitely should also be under medical supervision if you wish to try this.

      • Fasting for 24 hours: This is possibly the most frequent fasting method used for weight loss and can be done once or twice in a week. This extends from 1 day’s dinner into the next day at dinner time. Again, do not do anything extreme.

Doing a Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet

This is the “Big Daddy” of fasting. A number of people I know swear by it. During the lemonade diet, you simply eat, or rather beverage, the following things: lemon juice, maple syrup, powdered cayenne pepper, water, and salt . I’ve stuck to this diet for a few times, but I know those who’ve followed it with excellent results for 9 days. This is a radical approach, and one which you should not embark upon without previously consulting with your doctor, particularly if you’ve got current health issues or pre-existing medical conditions that could be detrimental to you.

Let’s understand Fasting

Basically, fasting means to immediately guard yourself from food or severely restrict your food intake. If you’re in doubt whether fasting can assist you in losing weight or not, then the solution is a complete ‘YES’. When you fast, many things occur within your body.

To begin with, the quantity of undigested food items deposited into your digestive tract reduces to a substantial extent. As your body needs energy, the food stored on your body becomes consumed, including your own muscles. If you continue to fast, your fat and muscle will begin burning, thus contributing a great deal on your weight reduction.

Take care!

Generally, fasting is thought of as harmful for the human body since depriving yourself of the critical nutrients is by no means a fantastic idea. But should you decide to fast for a shorter span, then the desired results can be achieved without impacting your health adversely. Some of the advantages of short term fasting include detoxification, weight loss and recovery.

When you’re fasting for the purpose of detoxification, then you’ll attain a healthier body, which will indirectly result in weight loss. Therefore, fasting and weight loss are always associated with one another. When you quickly and take little amounts of specific food products, then you’re technically on a low calorie diet. Whatever reason you have for fasting, whether its health related or religious, fasting will certainly assist you in losing weight and being in shape.

When you fast, you also become mentally stronger and more disciplined. This can aid you in following a strict exercise regimen, which will further assist you in losing weight. Before fasting, ask yourself how long you will fast. Can you maintain your weight loss in check, and what will you do after your quick end? After your fast is finished, you should prevent yourself from ingesting too much to compensate for the meals you couldn’t eat during your fast.