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Contact is vital to all residing beings, being considered one of first and most simple technique of communication. Therapeutic massage is only one method of speaking sensations, hopefully of a nice nature.

Aromatherapy therapeutic massage

Simply because the physique shops up the tensions of the day, each bodily and emotional, within the muscle tissue of the neck, again, head and limbs, so therapeutic massage is a method of eradicating these muscular tensions, and consequently related psychological stress must also be eased. As well as, therapeutic massage can stimulate the circulation of the blood so the supposed goal of the therapeutic massage ought to at all times be thought-about: if a therapeutic massage is given to help sleep, an invigorating massage might have the other impact!

Aromatherapy therapeutic massage provides an additional sense to the essential good thing about therapeutic massage. Fragrances have the ability to evoke emotions and reminiscences independently of aware thought. Combining aromatherapy with therapeutic massage makes for a robust expertise, basically the therapeutic massage giver passes on their power and contact to the receiver.

Easy guidelines

Opposite to fashionable perception, therapeutic massage will not be sophisticated or troublesome and may, by following a number of easy guidelines, type an vital a part of the therapeutic course of.

All the time therapeutic massage with the circulate of your physique, which is in direction of your coronary heart. When massaging the stomach the circulate is in a clockwise route, utilizing round actions that comply with the circulate.

Concentrate on the wants of the individual whom you’re massaging, to make sure that it’s a each a comforting and soothing expertise, particularly the place the younger and the very previous are involved.

What will I want?

Aromatherapy therapeutic massage is without doubt one of the easiest methods of utilizing essential oils, nevertheless it nonetheless helps to arrange your instruments and dealing house upfront.

You will need to have a heat, draught free and quiet surroundings, the place you will not be disturbed, and the place your entire oils and equipment, akin to clear towels, are simply handy.

All essential oils have to be diluted in a provider, or base oil, earlier than being massaged onto the physique or face. As a basic rule of thumb the ratio of essential oil to base oil must be: 10 – 15 drops of essential oil in 60ml (12 teaspoons) of base oil.

Sorts of therapeutic massage and the strokes

The fundamental

Aromatherapy therapeutic massage requires lengthy gradual strokes sustaining contact on the physique always, alternating with brief quick friction rubs that heat the oils and assist unfold them evenly over the pores and skin. Delicate areas such because the stomach, pelvic area and bony areas must be stroked pretty calmly, whereas better stress will be utilized to the heavier muscle areas such because the shoulders, buttocks and again. The fundamental therapeutic massage strokes listed beneath comprise the principle actions required for Aromatherapy therapeutic massage.


Maintain the fingers stiffly on the joints to resemble the ends of a rake, or as if to play the piano, and with fingertips touching the pores and skin, make agency, raking actions with one or each fingers, backwards in direction of your physique.


Particularly helpful for areas which are chilly or of poor circulation. Rub the pores and skin in round actions with the flat of the hand in brief, quick actions.


It is a collection of light strokes enabling the therapeutic massage oil to penetrate the physique, serving to to carry a few state of calm and rest. Use the entire hand to do brief or lengthy strokes, these will be agency or light relying on how you are feeling. This sort of therapeutic massage helps to extend circulation, rest of the muscle tissue and relieve the physique of stress and stress.


Make one or each fingers into fists and, protecting fingers free and relaxed whereas held in a fist, bounce them up and down the physique in a quick drumming motion. Pummelling may also be carried out with the fingers flat, and fingertips down, or with the perimeters of the fingers, and even with the palms turned upwards.


Petrissage is light kneading actions, like kneading dough. The artwork of petrissage is rarely to trigger ache or discomfort and must be carried out slowly and punctiliously. It’s often used on the again, muscular and fatty areas, and is nice for releasing trapped toxins, enjoyable muscle tissue and inspiring the lymphatic system to circulate. As you carry out every kneading motion put a slight stress in your thumbs.

The 5 major areas for therapeutic massage

Head, neck & facial

Place your chosen essential oils in your fingertips and use the fingers to therapeutic massage across the head. Use solely your fingertips to softly however firmly move round and over the top in a easy managed motion.

For Complications it is best to begin on the base of the neck and work upwards to the bottom of the scalp. Use the fingers in agency, however not exhausting effleurage strokes. Proceed for so long as crucial. It could additionally assist to incorporate the higher shoulder space which can be typically tense, and should in reality be the reason for the headache.

A self- facial therapeutic massage of the jaw line up to some extent instantly beneath the ears also can assist to arrange us for aggravating conditions akin to sitting exams, interviews and so forth.

To proceed the therapeutic massage onto the neck space, transfer the fingers to the bottom of the neck, inserting a hand on either side of the vertebrae (by no means put stress on the vertebrae).

Use small however agency round actions, working from the bottom of the neck, and proceed upwards to the bottom of the scalp after which down the perimeters of the neck. Work across the sides of the neck utilizing light however agency actions.


That is particularly acceptable for older folks and folks for whom again, foot or facial massages will not be acceptable. Touching the fingers gently will be very calming – the fingers are filled with nerve endings, and will be as attuned to completely different components of the physique because the ft.

A fast de-stresser is to softly stroke the recipient’s fingers, from wrist to finger ideas, utilizing a light-weight flowing contact with all 5 fingers.


Therapeutic massage in an upwards route type the toes to the ankle; if you’re fortunate sufficient to have somebody do that for you, thumbs must be on the only of the foot with the fingers on high, if you’re doing your personal ft you might discover it simpler to have your thumb on high with you fingers beneath.

Shoulder and again

Earlier than you start the therapeutic massage, make sure the recipient is comfy, ideally mendacity face down on a nicely padded ground, mattress or mattress, with a rolled up towel or bolster pillow beneath the higher chest, to make sure that the top and neck will probably be relaxed within the face down place.

Starting with the shoulders, use the thumbs and palms to therapeutic massage with effleurage and petrissage actions, transferring from the bottom of the neck outwards to the shoulder. You might also discover it helpful to absorb the shoulder blade space by making giant round actions across the high of the shoulder to simply beneath the shoulder blade.

Transferring down in direction of the lumbar area of the again, use effleurage strokes, inserting one hand both aspect of the vertebrae, utilizing the entire hand, flat towards the again stroke up in direction of the shoulder round and over the shoulder blade and slide down once more the perimeters of the again. Repeat as typically as is wished.

Notice: Do NOT massage over the vertebrae, because the backbone could be very delicate. All the time transfer the palms, fingers and thumbs over both aspect of the backbone.

Full physique

The complete physique therapeutic massage ought to incorporate the entire above massages, whereas additionally together with the arms, legs and stomach.

The legs
All the time therapeutic massage the legs upwards from the ankle to the thigh utilizing effleurage strokes. The place acceptable use petrissage on the fatty or muscular areas. (By no means over varicose areas)

Decrease stomach and hips
Utilizing effleurage strokes begin on the decrease again and slide over the hips, then slide every hand over the stomach. Use the entire of the hand flat towards the pores and skin.

The arms
Utilizing upwards strokes from the wrist to the armpit. Utilizing petrissage on fatty and muscular areas as acceptable.

The stomach
Utilizing effleurage strokes, use round actions in a clockwise route solely.