Are you planning to become pregnant at 40 and worried you might have left it too late? Many women just like you are facing this challenge and need to learn what they can do to make it happen. The fantastic news is women are making this dream come true by choosing the path of natural pregnancy techniques and treatment.

Fertility treatments

This is the safest way at this age to conceive, as contemporary fertility treatments can prove to invasive for a lot of women. And the standard IVF procedures don’t always work. The truth is you might be surprised to know that the success rate of pregnancy through IVF isn’t that high. Not everyone is able to afford these sorts of remedies as they generally run into the tens of thousands.

One difficulty many women over 35 experience is an irregular menstrual cycle that could make childbirth nearly impossible. This may be down to the natural and best remedy for this is acupuncture. The Chinese believe the body consists of energy points and pathways and if they’re manipulated blockages can be cleared boosting fertility very fast. Rich, oxygenated blood, which is vital for nourishing the reproductive and reproductive eggs flows readily and fertilization of the egg highly possible A woman starts to get regular periods again hastening her odds of getting pregnant.


Some women are hesitant to try acupuncture because they see it as an alternative therapy. Did you know that contemporary fertility clinics are contemplating adding acupuncture for their treatment base since they know how successful it’s in assisting women with ovulation issues? Before you discount this early and cost-effective way of reversing infertility be assured they’re helping women of all ages and infertility problems get pregnant.

Women are born with their reproductive eggs unlike guys who can replenish their semen every 3 months. When you’re planning to become pregnant at 40 you might not bear in mind your eggs are the exact same age as you. This doesn’t always imply that the quality and quantity will stop you from conceiving because it only takes one egg to create a baby. What you could do is take action to ensure the quality of your eggs would be the best they could be and this may require some modifications to your lifestyle.

Une alimentation saine

A nutritious diet is critical for a HEALTHY conception and you’d be amazed how many nutritionists have observed girls become pregnant very quickly once they’ve stopped eating processed along with other non-nutritional foods. A simple blood test is all that is necessary to establish if there’s a deficiency in a woman’s diet. Once corrected fertility and health are usually restored.

    • It’s advised that when trying to conceive you need to include these vitamins and minerals to boost fertility and protect the unborn baby from hereditary problems.
    • Folic acid is vital and will not just boost fertility but also help prevent spina bifida (a malformation of a baby’s spine).
    • Essential fatty acids, which are found in fish like salmon and tuna, can help treat PCOS (ovarian cysts) and protect against premature birth.
    • Royal jelly is a super-food, rich in protein consumed by the Queen bee, which enables her to put large numbers of eggs every day. It eradicates menstrual troubles leaving a woman free to ovulate.
    • Alkaline foods like nuts, vegetables, legumes and grains will provide you more energy and make you feel a lot younger that is always a bonus. The fruits which are alkaline consist of bananas, peaches, grapes figs and apples. They’ll correct the pH levels inside the vagina (cervical mucus) which makes it a healthy environment for conception and implantation.
    • A lack in Zinc can lead to chromosome changes, as it’s an important part of genetic material. This can impact the quality of a female’s eggs and can cause flaws. Women wanting to become pregnant at 40 should be certain they take the right measure of the mineral zinc.
    • The perfect amounts taken of Selenium can prevent birth defects and miscarriages.
    • Vitamins B-complex C and E help fertility in both women and men. B6 can be obtained separately and used to deal with a luteal phase defect. The luteal phase is the time from ovulation to menstruation, which ideally should be 1 to 16 days long. If it is shorter than 10 days a woman can’t sustain a brand new pregnancy and the end result is often miscarriage. It’s important that you be aware of the value of nutritional supplements and how they could help cure infertility difficulties.

Traitement par les plantes

Along with a great diet and acupuncture Chinese herbal remedies are usually administered. If you’re going to buy the herbs recommended check with your physician which they might be taken alongside any drugs you are taking. It would pay to visit a herbalist as women with certain medical conditions might not be capable of using herbs.

The herbs listed below are used frequently to assist women trying to become pregnant at 40 do this successfully.

    • Dong Quai is a blood purifier and aids circulation. It restores a woman’s menstrual cycle back to normal and modulates her hormones. Additionally, it helps women with endometriosis and menopausal issues.
    • Chaste Arbre Berry (Vitex) is employed as a PMS supplement but it is known to promote ovulation. Réglisse helps women who have irregular periods and reduced estrogen levels, which can cause hot flashes, headaches, night sweats and vaginal dryness. Low estrogen level can prevent ovulation.
    • L'onagre Oil enhances the quality of a woman’s cervical mucus, which has the important function of protecting the sperm and projecting it quickly through the uterus, into the fallopian tubes where it can fertilize the egg and result in pregnancy.
    • Ginseng sibérien promotes health and incredibly while controlling a woman’s reproductive hormones. If the delicate balance of these hormones comes reversed it could shut down her reproductive system.
    • Actée à grappe noire is administered for an inflamed uterus and to help restore menstruation.
    • Lin Seed Oil is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and can help with infertility, PMS and irregular intervals.
    • Framboise rouge Leaf is a uterine tonic, which when administered helps carry a fetus to term. This is particularly great for women who suffer from recurring miscarriages.

Each herb has a certain function in aiding conception and fertility and should be administered only as recommended. These are strong herbs and used alongside acupuncture and acupressure to revive a woman’s fertility so she’s able to conceive. They are particularly great for women wanting to become pregnant at 40 as they could help boost fertility and enhance the health of the reproductive system generally.


Chinese medicine treats the infertility issue as a whole and knows the problem may be brought on by poor lifestyle choices. The term mind, soul and body is often scoffed at by the western world as it’s misunderstood. If a woman is sterile it can be for a lot of reasons and not necessarily physical. It’s just now that STRESS has been recognized as a cause of infertility and may over time manifest into a concrete issue. Natural pregnancy programs today understand that in treating infertility every facet of a woman’s life has to be considered. Drugs given by traditional fertility clinics don’t cure the issue permanently and sometimes can magnify the original issue.


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