bambou, grand, arbres

Perhaps you’re knowledgeable about the imagery of bamboo: flexible yet firm, delicate yet strong. These unique qualities make the bamboo fit snugly into ancient Chinese philosophy and endow the health benefits of the bamboo with an air of wisdom and grace.


Bambou has strong survival skills. Like grass, it grows quickly and can propagate by itself. Like wood, it’s strong and can be seen across the world. Although bamboo just needs minimal water to sustain itself bigger bamboos grow faster when exposed to full sunlight.

Growing Founded in poverty-ridden and resource-scare locations, bamboo is like a gift to humanity, providing the maximum of itself during its brief lifespan of a couple of years.

Bamboos are categorized based on the sort of roots. Runners, which belong mainly to tropical bamboos, disperse exuberantly while clumpers, which belong to temperate bamboos, expand gradually from the first planting. Additionally, there are root systems that combine both types.

Bamboo leaves come in a huge selection. There are soft velvety leaves, leaves with saw-toothed borders and leaves with small wisps of hair-like adornments around the bases of the stems and culm (stem) sheaths.

Histoire du bambou

In China, the highly admired bamboo reflects celestial unity in ancient artwork, such as scenic paintings of misty mountains with bamboo leaves, delicate bamboo weaving and bamboo baskets.

The strength of bamboo is evident once the fury of the nuclear bomb unleashed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II just damaged bamboo marginally. It was also among the first plants to reappear after the mortal war, thus occupying a particular place in the hearts of the Japanese. Visitors to Japan will be charmed by the melodious sound of nature when a breeze rustles through bamboo-made wind chimes.

Prior to the creation of wheels, bamboo supplied stout shafts for carrying baskets woven from bamboo fibers, hence revealing its broad spectrum of uses.


Bamboo, a very important component in Traditional Chinese Medicine, has a character that ranges from moderate to cooling. So, although certain health benefits differ according to the different components and tastes of the bamboo, generally, bamboo can help detoxify, repel pests, remove readiness, clear phlegm, suppress vomiting, restore energy and quench thirst.

In the joints of bamboo stalks, a beneficial essence called bamboo sil is expressed. It includes abundant amounts of silice, which is a rich store of calcium. After aromatherapy with green pine essential oil, calcium could be replenished and bones will be strengthened. This innovative essential oil may also alleviate old age problems like backache and rheumatism, as well as improve calcium compounds in children and teens, hence boosting their development.