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You might be hardly restricted relating to natural cures for constipation; you will see that there’s actually a protracted listing of herbal cures for arduous stools. Many natural remedies are amazingly efficient and supply tremendous quick aid in your constipation points too. Three frequent herbs for onerous stool remedy embrace:


Calendula, additionally recognized beneath the frequent identify Souci, has been a protracted revered constipation remedy. A tincture produced from this herb may be stirred right into a cup of water and consumed thrice every day for constipation aid. Calendula can also be great as a tea and works effectively in soothing points associated to abdomen illnesses.

A single teaspoon of dried Calendula leaves may be steeped in hot water for a couple of minutes and consumed for onerous stool aid. As a natural anti-inflammatory, this herb may be safely consumed with the intention to alleviate irritated tissues within the digestive tract too.

Citron Baume

If you’re having constipation and cramping, you possibly can take Lemon Balm to alleviate the cramping; this herb is an all pure antispasmodic natural remedy. Lemon Balm has been used for a few years to deal with points with fuel, flatulence, bloating, and stomach cramping and it helps to naturally loosen up the digestive tract. This herb may be simply consumed as a tea by steeping some leaves in a hot cup of water.


Alfalfa is a superb herb loaded with Vitamin Ok. The latter vitamin promotes the manufacturing of wholesome micro organism contained in the intestinal tract that assist in breaking meals down in order that they are often extra readily assimilated. This herb additionally has a excessive degree of chlorophyll which helps enhance the immune system and promotes quicker therapeutic.

What’s very nice about this natural remedy is that it’s loaded with all natural fiber: a standard treatment for constipation. What’s extra, this herb has anti-inflammatory agents which might help to sooth irritated intestinal tissues. Lastly, Alfalfa can also be an herb that’s stuffed with plenty of nutritional vitamins that supply antioxidants which assist in destroying cancer-causing free radicals within the physique too.