Woman Sitting On Sofa Suffering From Stomach Pain

Usually the cause is apparent like eating spicy or rich foods – French fries, chilli or devil food cake, however there are several less obvious heartburn or GERD (gastroesophageal reflex disease) triggers. As an alternative to prescription drugs, I discovered that by the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, there are lifestyle changes you ought to think about implementing in the event that you would like to decrease the recurrence of heartburn or GERD.

Learn How To Fight GERD

To be able to prevent acid reflux you will need to see exactly what, when and how you consume.

      • What – Choose a low-carb, high-fibre diet that’s full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.
      • When – Don’t eat late at night and do not lay down right after meals.
      • How – Eat slowly. Eating in a hurry only promotes heartburn.

Foods that will help reduce acid reflux


A excellent way to start the day is to pick oatmeal and add some chopped bananas. Oatmeal is high in fiber and low carb while bananas naturally combat stomach acid. Avoid high-fat food.


2 to 4 grams of fresh ginger per day functions as an anti-inflammatory for stomach complications of a variety (with any more can in fact trigger heartburn). Chew on a piece of fresh ginger, then use it generously on your cooking recipes or steep the ginger in hot water to make tea.

Pasta (without cream or tomato sauce)

Whole-wheat pasta boosts your fiber intake however in the event that you suffer from GERD, keep away from heavy sauces and tomato-based sauces.

Pulses and Beans

Pulses and legumes are a terrific meat choice or vegetarian/vegan supply of protein and fiber.


When baking, substitute apple sauce for butter or oil. Generally, you may use the identical number of cups of applesauce as the recipe requires in oil. You might want to tweak the strange recipes but by making this minor change it helps to reduce fat and increase fibre in your baked goods.

Some Quick Fix Remedies

Chewing gum

Studies have shown that chewing a bit of sugar-free gum for 30 minutes after a meal supplied heartburn relief for those who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms. The gum increases the amount of saliva that will wash off any acid that accumulates in the gut. Reducing acid offers improvement for the symptoms of GERD.

Baking soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps neutralize acid. Mix about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Avoid using baking soda on a continuing basis when you have heartburn regularly as it includes high levels of salt that might induce nausea or swelling.


It is a natural gut healing properties alleviates heartburn and gets into the source of the issue however among those side effects is high blood pressure and contains glycyrrhizic acid that’s potentially dangerous. To prevent glycyrrhizic acid, start looking for DGL licorice or attempt chewable DGL licorice tablets before meals. If you do not like the taste of ginger, try a brand that does not taste like licorice.


Aloe Vera has a history of being used to soothe burns and contains properties which reduce inflammation. Aloe juice does the exact same thing for GERD sufferers by quieting any inflammation that’s in the esophagus and the stomach.

Drink 1/2 cup of aloe before meals. Note that the juice can be a laxative.