Portrait de studio d'une belle jeune femme caucasienne au crâne rasé sur fond jaune vif. Portrait d'une survivante du cancer.

You’ve done the chemo, you have completed the radiation and you have seen all of the cancer experts, what now? Cancer is among the main causes of death globally and to fight it you are likely to need everything on your side to combat this deadly disease. Most cancer patients will discontinue their therapy as soon as they leave the hospital but there are things you can do outside the hospital that will assist you manage the cancer and improve your odds of survival. Changing your life style, taking nutritional supplements and building up your immune system will give your body the strength it needs to fight off, and stop, future cancer cells.


The present 21st century lifestyle is causing more illnesses and resistance deficiencies than anybody could possibly imagine. We’ve lost track of the value of nourishing our bodies with nutrients and equipping ourselves with rest and comfort to minimize our anxiety levels. Nutrient deficiencies and higher stress levels are directly linked to reduced resistance; low resistance is directly linked to cancer.


Step one is to eliminate all toxins you’re putting into your body on a daily basis. This means alcohol, cigarettes, processed sugars, caffeine, and everything pumped with artificial growth hormones ie: Non-organic dairy, vegetables and fruit. Secondly, do not underestimate the value of sleep. Sleep helps your body replenish itself. Recent studies have demonstrated that a sufficient quantity of sleep can help fight off many common diseases from the common cold to cancer. Other studies have demonstrated that lack of sleep may cause irregular and excessive hormone discharge patterns of hormones such as cortisol – the stress hormone, in turn leading to low immunity.

Stress Pevention

Be proactive and prevent stress by having someone you trust deal your stressful responsibilities like your invoices, kids, family feuds etc.. Exercise can help boost your immune system and reduce anxiety levels so try and get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Relaxation is also essential to keep your stress levels low, so fill your life with more things that make you feel great, whether it is a day at the spa, yoga, music or spending time with your loved ones. One of life’s greatest stress relievers is bliss; therefore laugh at each opportunity as hard and so long as possible.

Treating your cancer should be an uplifting, exciting and eye opening experience. You should be eager to be fighting cancer by yourself by modifying your life with better food, more sleep, and more comfort.

Compléments alimentaires

Now that you have changed your formerly detrimental lifestyle, it is time to turbo charge your body’s cancer fighting mechanisms with dietary supplements. Although natural supplements haven’t been recognized by mainstream health professionals as legitimate cancer treatments, natural cancer treatments have been used for centuries with a reported higher cure rates than traditional conventional procedures.

Throughout my research I have discovered many theories about what to use to fight cancer cells but the frequent idea throughout the majority of my studies are the impacts of vitamin B17 which comprises a natural molecule known as laetrile. Vitamin B17 are available in fruit seeds from apples, peaches, plums, pears, nectarine, cherries, grapes and most importantly, apricots. This wonder working vitamin can also be seen in moderate to high amounts in wild blackberries, raspberries, flax seed, eucalyptus leaves and alfalfa leaves. It’ll be beneficial to include as many of these foods in your diet as possible but most importantly get your raw organic apricot seed ingestion, seeing as apricot seeds offer the maximum intake of B17.

Besides vitamin B17, there are quite a few other supplements you may take and steps you can take do boost your immunity. Other vitamins and minerals which are suggested to be taken would be the recognizable Vitamin C and E, in addition to Caretenoids, zinc, and selenium.

Caretenoids and Zinc will enable your body to make more cancer fighting lymphocytes. Lymphocytes remove the negative effects brought on by foreign substances, such as cancer, in the blood. Selenium is a mineral found in fish, nuts and grains that helps your immune system by boosting the production of antibodies and immune cells.


Traditional cancer therapy will reduce you immunity by killing off your white blood cells and you’ll be vulnerable to disease and disease. When you decide to take more of a naturopathic route of combating cancer you’ll need to decide for yourself whether you are going continue with the standard cancer therapy, ie: chemo and radiation. In any event, pumping your body with natural antibodies, and preventing antibiotics is advised.

Frequently using antibiotics result in patients becoming sick more frequently, with longer, more stubborn infections caused by organism immunity.

Because you’re fighting cancer, though you’ll do everything possible to boost your immunity, your immune system will be strained. Keep your house and environment clean and bacteria free to avoid creating any more work for your antibodies. Certain natural cleaning companies specialize in clinical cleaning for cancer sufferers.

You’ll be amazed what a difference changing your lifestyle and taking nutritional supplements to increase your immunity against cancer, or any disease, will improve your recovery time. Whether you’ve tried conventional unsuccessful cancer treatment or if you’ve opted to handle this disease using just natural remedies, these techniques mentioned have been demonstrated to work for centuries for preventing and reversing the effects of cancer. Disease is a natural part of life in the world; Disease can be fought with what we have in the world.