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Lors d'une crise de maux de tête ou de migraine, les réactions à long terme peuvent aussi être à l'opposé de la lune. Nous voulons un soulagement immédiat, et si nous ne voulons pas prendre de médicaments ou en prendre plusieurs, les techniques physiologiques peuvent aider à atténuer ces symptômes indésirables.


In addition to breathing, among the things which goes haywire during a hassle is our internal thermostat. The mind feels very hot as an increasing number of blood flow through the dilating blood vessels into our brains. Changing the body’s temperature aids.

Il existe deux façons d'aborder cette question, en fonction de l'endroit où vous vous trouvez lorsque le problème se pose et des outils dont vous disposez à ce moment-là :

1) réchauffer le reste du corps

2) refroidir la région affectée.

Se retrouver dans l'eau chaude

Headaches generally involve an increase in the blood supply to the brain. Warming the rest of the body helps alleviate the pressure on the brain by creating need for attention from more remote parts of your body like your feet and hands. There’s nothing that does this better than a spa. If it is possible to bathe in a darkened room, so much the better (a shower may also help, but not quite as much.)

      • If you’ve got it, then put a little aromatic oil into the hot tub water to encourage you to breathe deeply and relax. Use eucalyptus, marjoram, lavender, etc; some urge neroli or geranium oils. I believe it’s down to personal taste.
      • No access to a tub? Try sitting with your hands in two basins of water – one as hot as you can stand it without scalding, just as cold. Use a small aromatic oil from the water, as stated above – and cover the basins and your mind with a huge towel. Stay still for as long as possible.
      • you might also try placing your feet into a basin of hot water – again, as good as you can safely stand.

Whether in the tub or using the basins, breathe deeply to a slow count of ten, being certain to breath out as completely as you breathe . As you breathe out, notice where your body is holding tension – and let it go. Try to “send” the pain from your feet or hands to the water.

Si vous restez ainsi pendant dix à vingt minutes, vous serez étonné du soulagement que cela procure. L'application d'une goutte de votre huile essentielle préférée sur les tempes ou sous le nez apportera un plus.

Ou peut-être, se détendre

Conversely, cooling the neck and head with ice packs – stored in the freezer for emergencies – aids also.

      • Use gel-packs as opposed to hard ice packs – they may be wrapped around the affected region more efficiently. Ice cubes or crushed ice secured in a plastic bag make an inexpensive choice.
      • Un sac de petits pois surgelés fera l'affaire en cas de besoin ou si vous êtes loin de chez vous.
      • All should be put on the component of the neck and head that hurts for no less than fifteen minutes. Rest as far as possible away from noise and bright light. Be certain that you keep your skin protected from direct contact with surface of the ice. In all instances, breathe deeply. Our brains are 70-something percent water, so they say. The natural “air conditioning” system of the brain needs constant replenishment. Somehow or other we forget that – it’s easy to become dehydrated.
      • Exercise, hot weather, dieting, consuming alcohol, tea or coffee – all increase dehydration. At specific times of day such as mid-morning or late day simply drinking a glass of water may stop a headache.
      • If you are travelling or mediation, do take additional care to drink enough water to maintain the fluid balance of your body “in the zone” None of us wants to lose our precious leisure time to headaches or migraine – heaven knows we’ve little enough of it! If headache does strike while you are outside, the wisest path is to stop and rest with a jar of water, preferably away from the sun/heat/noise.

Mais n'oubliez pas !

a hassle is not your enemy – it is feedback from the body that something is not perfect. The more you learn about what causes your headaches, the less vulnerable you’ll be to obtaining them. Do consider it – since prevention is always better than cure.