Medical illustration of human brain with with waves and electric pulses

Our mind wants to lock on each impulse that it hears. One noise produces one brain urge, two noises: 2 impulses. Ten sounds: ten impulses. The mind reacts to what it hears.

Son Alpha

The Alpha noise is a continuous sound, and the mind wants to follow it in the same rhythm, and this is what generates the desired effect of entering into the deeper levels of the brain.

Some people today say that if you relax and meditate while playing soft music in the background, that will relax you. But the soft music goes into the left brain, and so it just relaxes your mind but not your body, as it doesn’t slow down the frequency of the mind.

And soft music doesn’t generate a constant frequency, it’s fluctuating. And for practicing mind control and a deep comfort we don’t need the mind to be fluctuating back and forth after the frequency of the audio sounds.

We want the brain to reduce its heartbeat imitating a low constant frequency, a dull hypnotic sound.

And when our mind finds 10 sounds per second – with the alpha noise – it responds 10 times every second. This is the way the Alpha noise can help you arrive at the internal levels of the mind.

Can we hear an Alpha sound?

As a matter of fact we can´t hear an Alpha audio, since the Alpha Frequency is 10 cycles per second, and the human mind ´s hearing range goes from 20 to 20,000. So the alpha noise is below the threshold of the human being.

What it´s called the Alpha audio, is the sound created by a 600 cycles sound generator interrupted 10 times per second. So it´s not really an Alpha audio but it produces the same effect.

What’s the Alpha Sound for?

Mind Control pupils are advised that in order to get maximum benefits, they ought to enter to the deep levels of the brain for 15 minutes, three times each day, along with the Alpha audio helps them attain and maintain this level.

When you exercise during 15 minutes three times a day at the alpha level, that strengthens your immune system and makes it possible to keep healthy.

Using the Alpha Sound you can stay at your center when doing your own programming at your own pace. When you do it, you can reach even a greater depth as it’s possible to be less dependent on a recording and become more concerned with your inner self.

Many of my students reported they’ve received therapeutic benefits using the Alpha Sound. Some of them say that the alpha noise induces a quicker recovering from illness and injury.

How they use the Alpha audio to induce recovery is holding the speaker of the player quite near the body (roughly a quarter of an inch) while enjoying with the Alpha Sound at full volume.

Does this have any scientific foundation?

Scientists say that the electromagnetic pulsations coming out from a magnetic field, can excite (excite) subatomic particles, and that this stimulation is exactly what it assists in the correction of problems.

And any speaker has a magnetic field which may be modulated to heartbeat at ten cycles per second if you play with the Alpha sound. And if you put it close enough to the body (not contrary to the body since you will mute the noise), then each cell within the affected region will get a ten cycles per minute magnetic-field massage.

How long and how often should you do so?

The best is to put the Alpha audio over the affected area three times a day, fifteen minutes every time.

After those fifteen minutes of Alpha audio stimulation, then you must allow the time to the sub-atomic particles to repay and return to their initial health condition.

Some people today feel that if some Alpha audio stimulation is good, then lots of stimulation is going to be better. But this isn’t necessarily so. You have to give the body time to make the corrections, and they’re supposed to be maid between sessions.

My Alpha sound CD doesn’t include any guided exercise with directions about the best way best to get to the deep levels of mind, because it’s being created to help you do your own programming at your own speed, or to practice with it as a recovery means.