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Type-2 diabetes is an illness that’s been affecting an increasing number of people in the United States in the last couple of years; according to some reports, over 20 million Americans currently suffer from the illness, with this showing no signs of slowing down. This has obviously meant that an increasing number of people have had to undergo treatment for the disease, which is something which they’ll want to do for the rest of their lives. However, many people might be wary of taking certain medications, as a wide range of them have been proven to have many side effects, some of which might make us want to prevent them. An alternative is to take herbs to lower blood glucose.

Les médecines alternatives pour le diabète

C'est pourquoi de nombreuses personnes atteintes de diabète recherchent différentes thérapies pour cette maladie. Bien que certaines d'entre elles ne soient pas couronnées de succès, il a été démontré que la prise de suppléments et d'herbes a un effet considérable sur les niveaux de glucose. Malgré leur popularité croissante ces derniers temps, beaucoup de personnes ne savent pas quelles herbes prendre pour réduire leur taux de glucose. Cela est principalement dû au fait qu'il existe une grande variété d'herbes pour réduire le taux de glucose dans le sang sur le marché actuel, ce qui peut constituer une option écrasante pour de nombreux hommes et femmes.

Le problème ne doit cependant pas être trop important, car certains d'entre eux sont plus puissants que d'autres en ce qui concerne le traitement et la gestion des symptômes du diabète. Cela ne signifie pas pour autant que vous ne pouvez pas prendre les herbes si vous ne souffrez pas de la maladie, car il a été recommandé de les prendre si vous risquez de développer la maladie. De ce fait, presque tout le monde peut en bénéficier.

Il convient de noter que, si vous souffrez déjà de diabète ou d'autres maladies, vous devrez peut-être discuter de la possibilité de prendre certaines herbes, ainsi que du dosage. En effet, certaines herbes peuvent influencer des conditions particulières, en plus des médicaments qui leur sont associés. En dehors de cela, l'ingestion des herbes sous la forme d'un supplément nutritionnel, ou de divers aliments et denrées alimentaires, peut apporter un assortiment de bienfaits. Si la baisse du taux de glucose sanguin y est pour beaucoup, il peut y avoir trois ou quatre autres avantages, selon le complément que vous prenez.

Quelles herbes prendre pour réduire le taux de sucre dans le sang ?


Cinnamon is possibly the clearest herb to take to help lower your glucose levels and can be obtained in either a powder form or as an infusion. There have been many studies done on how successful it’s been on the disease, irrespective of whether it is fully-developed or if your prediabetic, which means that you have a blood glucose of 100-125 mg/dl. For people that are prediabetes, a dose of 250 mg of this herb saw an 8.4% reduction in their glucose levels by taking it twice daily; once before breakfast and once before supper.

La majorité de ces études sont menées sur une période de trois mois, de sorte que vous pouvez obtenir des résultats plus importants si vous avez de la cannelle pendant une période plus longue. Pour les personnes atteintes de diabète, cet effet est beaucoup plus prononcé, la quasi-totalité des études faisant état d'une diminution de la glycémie comprise entre 11% et 14%. Cela s'explique par le fait que la cannelle peut commercialiser la réponse de vos cellules à l'insuline, qui est l'un des principaux domaines dans lesquels votre corps fait face au sucre dans votre système.


Ginseng was demonstrated to have a substantial effect on post-meal glucose levels, with studies demonstrating it may reduce these levels by up to 20%. This has been observed for both people with diabetes and people who don’t suffer with the condition, so everyone will have the ability to profit from it. For this to work, experts have noted that you ought to consume the ginseng up to an hour before each meal and no more than that; this is because carrying it too long ahead may cause your blood sugar to dip too low.

It’s been noted that you need to consume no less than one gram every time and no more than 3, as anything out this range may not offer many advantages. The positive effects of ginseng have just been seen with the North American species of this herb, along with others not revealing a number of the very same results.


Fenugreek has been a favorite medication in the Middle East for centuries, though it’s only been with recent studies that medical professionals have determined the benefits which might be offered from the herb. One of the most notable of them has been seen it affects blood glucose and insulin levels. This was proven to be true in both animal and human trials, together with the herb with quite a considerable effect on blood glucose control.

This means your body will have the ability to better handle these amounts, which can be good for folks that are at risk of developing diabetes. Despite how popular it’s been in a variety of countries, there has been relatively few studies done on fenugreek, even though those which were performed have demonstrated promising results across various places.


Tumeric is a spice that’s been common across the world for centuries, primarily because of its taste it gives. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly popular for its health benefits that it provides, with much of the being pushed by curcumin, which is one of its active ingredients. This has been seen for both type-2 diabetes sufferers, in addition to those that are prediabetic. In some research, it has been proven that people that are prediabetic can stop the growth of the disease, which is one of the principal areas in which it may be beneficial. It’s been proven to help reduce blood glucose levels to a substantial degree, although different studies have shown varying results.

Aloe Vera

Lorsque de nombreuses personnes considèrent aloe vera, they might first consider washing up liquids or other goods, as it has been used in quite a substantial number of areas. However, it has been demonstrated to have somewhat of a role in stimulating insulin production, which is very important for your glucose levels. While there have been relatively few studies on aloe vera in comparison to many other herbs, there are several benefits associated with that.

Ces avantages sont constatés dans neuf études, dont la durée varie de quatre à 14 semaines. Bien qu'elles soient relativement brèves, elles ont démontré qu'elles peuvent réduire le taux de glucose de 46,6 mg/dl. La situation s'est encore améliorée chez les patients dont le taux de glucose sanguin dépassait 200 mg/dl. Bien que d'autres études doivent être réalisées, il semble que plus le taux de sucre dans le sang est élevé, plus la plante peut être progressivement efficace.

Il existe quelques autres herbes dont l'effet sur le taux de glucose sanguin a été démontré, bien que des recherches supplémentaires devront être menées sur elles pour déterminer leur efficacité. Elles contiennent des plantes de ce type :

      • Saint Basile
      • Le melon amer, which can help facilitate many of diabetes’ symptoms
      • Chardon-Marie, which is also known by the title silybinin, its active ingredient, and
      • Psyllium, that has to be taken at a massive dosage, and might have a laxative effect


While using herbs to lower blood glucose may have an assortment of benefits, it ought to be noted that there could be a couple of dangers and side effects of doing this, as we mentioned previously. Similar to many drugs, a lot of this is driven by how much of them you choose, in addition to how frequently you’re taking them. This is the principal reason the majority of specialists have noted that you ought to talk to a medical professional about how high, or low, of a dose of the herbs that you ought to take.

En fonction de la plante que vous prenez, vous pouvez ressentir quelques effets secondaires. Ail, that has often been helpful in lowering cholesterol, by way of instance, has been proven to have an effect on how thin your blood is, which leads to more bleeding for any sort of cuts. While this mightn’t be a massive issue for lots of people, this is something which you ought to be conscious of. Ginseng has exactly the identical effect, particularly in higher doses.

Cinnamon may have quite a considerable impact on your liver and start impacting how it works, especially if you’re carrying it in massive doses. It also depresses your anti-immune system and reverses a number of the effects of immunosuppressant drugs. This means that you can be more likely to experience particular ailments, which range from the likes of the influenza upwards. Because of this, you might have to avoid cinnamon if you are influenced by any autoimmune diseases.

Similar into cinnamon, many herbs may interfere with unique medicines, which is something which all people will want to prevent, with aloe vera being among the more prominent of them. While that is heavily determined by the pharmaceuticals which you’re carrying, you need to investigate which herbs interact with any drugs that you are taking, and what sort of effects these will have. Much of this can be achieved in combination with a medical professional or dietician, who will have a substantial amount of experience in the region.

By maintaining all the above in mind, you will have the ability to make certain that you’re choosing the correct herbs to lower blood glucose. As we said, however, research is often the first port of call for carrying them. This does not stop as soon as you’ve determined that herbs you should be taking, since you’ll then have to take a look at where you’re buying any supplements or herbs. This is primarily because different products will have various doses, which is obviously something which you’ll have to keep your eye on.

Furthermore, you will need to go the directions which come with each of these supplements, as some may have to be taken once a day, while others might need to be taken many times. By doing this, you may be certain that you’re keeping your glucose levels in check without needing to worry about what you are eating and drinking.


Avec les informations disponibles sur les herbes et leurs effets sur la glycémie, il est souvent facile de se sentir dépassé. Ce n'est plus le cas avec les informations que nous avons mises en évidence ci-dessus. Vous connaissez quelqu'un qui pourrait bénéficier de l'ajout de nouvelles herbes dans son alimentation ? Alors pourquoi ne pas en discuter sur les réseaux sociaux ?