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It has existed for over 50 years already. Reports also later revealed that a few other celebrities had adopted this diet to obtain the figure that lots of clamor for. The master cleanse diet is also known as the lemonade diet, the maple syrup diet or the cayenne pepper diet depending on the ingredients.

The master cleanse diet

It is in fact a detox diet. In actuality, it’s more like a quick. You might wish to find it as it provides information about the techniques in fulfilling the lemonade diet program.

The master cleanse is especially designed to assist you cleanse the body of toxins rather than directly a weight reduction program. However, by removing toxins, you not only lose weight but can also alleviate other chronic symptoms which you’ve been experiencing.


The master cleanse is terrific for preventing digestive diseases and disorders. The reason that this system appears to work so well is because most disease start in the intestines, which is precisely the place that lemon cleansing goals. Additionally it is a fast way to lower your weight or control weight gain.

With the master cleansing diet, your kidneys and digestive tract can be entirely cleansed upon completion of the application; as will all organs and cells be purified. Any waste and calcifications or hardened areas within the joints and muscles will be flushed and strain upon the nerves, arteries and blood vessels will be relieved. Body fat can also be lost in this procedure. Your bloodstream gets rejuvenated alongside your overall appearance. You’ll find that the elasticity of your skin improves with the lemonade diet. La verveine citronnelle is thought to possess the natural ability to serve as a cleansing and moisturizing agent.

Two Ways!

There are two distinct ways to do the master cleanse diet. You may remain on the master cleanse diet for three to five days after a simple recipe for the lemon beverage. During this period, you should abstain from eating any foods. Simply blend two tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice with two tablespoons of organic maple syrup (Grade B), and include ten to two ounces of water. Also, add a pinch of cayenne pepper. You should mix the drink before swallowing, and the beverage ought to be drunk every 2 hours. Some people even recommend you could go on the master cleanse diet for 40 days. But generally, I don’t advise any period longer than 7 days as this could have serious effect on the quantity of nutrition required to sustain your body. Also, be certain to check with your physician about prolonged fasting.

The other way in which the master cleanse can be achieved is to drink the drink just in the morning, about three times a month. It is possible to stick to a normal healthy diet during this period. It’s important to remember that fresh, purified water may also be consumed during either procedure.


Before you begin on the master cleanse, you would have to reduce your toxic load. This will mean it is best that you don’t consume any alcohol, coffee, sugars, processed foods and sodas. In addition, you have to sleep well and make certain you get some exercise. One without the other won’t be quite as valuable to you. Then, once you finish the routine for the detox diet, you can expect to feel energized and rejuvenated!