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Heavy-metal describes a metallic chemical element which has a high density and relatively high atomic mass and can be toxic or poisonous. Some examples of heavy metals are mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, iron, selenium and lead. These components can damage living things at low concentrations and tend to accumulate in the food chain.

Let’s Understand It!

In nature the smallest elements on the food chain is vegetation. Specific kinds of animals are herbivores and eat only plants. These creatures can have a build up of heavy-metal within their own system, deposited in their muscle mass, from absorption from crops. When these animals are slaughtered and used for food that the heavy metal in their system is consumed by the end user, us.

Doctors have determined that the human body frequently contains microscopic heavy-metal from environmental toxins and our food sources. Another source of is by the amalgam fillings created for dental appliances. Is said that the use metal fillings were toxic substances under the Superfund law. When outside of their mouth they need to be stored in unbreakable, tightly sealed containers, they’re not to be touched and have specific storage requirements. Outside of the mouth they’re poisonous but when put in the teeth they’re tagged “non-toxic”.

Concentrations will happen with excessive vulnerability. In most regions of the world this toxicity is not a common medical condition but clinically important when it does happen. When it goes unrecognized toxicity could lead to significant illness and neurological illness.

Acute toxicity

It is accompanied by rapid and severe onset of symptoms that may include cramping, nausea, vomiting, pain, sweating, headaches, difficulty breathing, nervousness, impaired cognitive and motor abilities and convulsions. Chronic exposure may be more challenging to associate with the cause, but symptoms are easily recognizable, such as impaired language skills, nervousness and emotional instability, insomnia, nausea and lethargy. These chronic toxicity symptoms will grow slowly over several months or even years. Sometimes an individual will get the symptoms abate while some find the symptoms become unbearable.


In very little quantities certain of these heavy-metal are essential for life. However, in even marginally larger quantities they may result in toxic symptoms. For the most part, people who acquire these through dietary intake of plant food won’t suffer from heavy metal toxicity or over exposure. Exposure to heavy metals from environmental toxins, work supplementation or environment may result in toxic symptoms and possibly life-threatening illnesses.

When heavy metals aren’t metabolized by the body they collect in the soft tissue. Industrial exposure is the most common route of exposure for adults while ingestion is the most frequent route of exposure for children. Traditional medical doctors will use chelation treatment to be able to remove the toxins within the body. This chelation therapy uses EDTA, medicines which bind with the heavy metals in the body and remove them through the kidneys.


Among the side effects of using chelation therapy is kidney failure due to the risk of this medication. However, in individuals that suffer from heavy metal toxicity the chance of using chelation therapy is outweighed by the advantages of removing the heavy-metal in the body.

Médecine alternative

Specialists also work with people to eliminate lower levels of heavy-metal concentrations in the body. They believe it is a significant cause of hormonal imbalance that may result in cancer, thyroid issues, learning disabilities and depression. Among the natural methods of eliminating heavy metals is cilantro. Coriandre is an herb, also called Chinese parsley, which can be combined with other components.

Other alternative medicine specialists use preparations of substances that they think will help chelate or eliminate heavy metals from the body. These compounds are sold as choices medicine supplements and haven’t undergone any rigorous FDA or clinical trial testing. Because of this it’s essential for the person who uses these chemicals to do their very diligent research on the side effects and possible issues which might ensue.

Bon à savoir

Before taking anything it’s necessary to seek the advice of your primary care doctors and pharmacists. Your pharmacists can advise you about any drug interactions with any over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs you may already be taking. Your primary care doctor can advise you about any interactions that these substances may have with any other underlying medical conditions from which you might suffer.

Heavy-metal chelation therapy is gaining great popularity with alternative medicine specialists. It’s used as a preventative way of individuals wishing to appear at alternative methods of presenting cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and other medical problems. Some of the treatment therapy are benign and might actually make an individual feel better while some can be dangerous and might cause kidney failure.