Gros plan sur des bâtons de cannelle dans un marché indien local.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum verum

Synonymes :
Cannelle de Ceylan
Cinnamon (Wiktionary)



From Middle English synamome, from Old French cinnamone, from Latin cinnamon, cinnamōmum, from Ancient Greek κιννάμωμον (kinnámōmon), later κίνναμον (kínnamon), probably to be explained as “Chinese amomum”, ἄμωμον (ámōmon) being, only cognate to Classical Syriac ܚܡܵܡܵܐ(ḥəmāmā) and Arabic حَمَامَا(ḥamāmā), a phytonym of lost provenience for a varied genus Amomum of spice and drug

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