Sacred Datura flower in the wild also known as: Western Jimsom Weed,Nightshade, indian whiskey

Datura stramonium

Synonymes :
Devil's Trumpet, Thorn Apple
Datura (Wiktionary)




From the genus name.


datura (plural daturas)

  1. A plant of the genus Datura, known for its trumpet-shaped flowers and poisonous properties. [from 16th c.]
    • 1985, Wade Davis, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Simon & Schuster, p. 37:
      Datura did grow in Haiti, three species, all of them introduced from the Old World.
    • 2008, Amitav Ghosh, Sea of Poppies, Penguin 2015, p. 38:
      It was a decoction of datura that wrung the truth from the old woman, by sending her into a trance from which she never recovered.

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