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Dill is mostly well known as a seasoning herb for cucumbers and salads. However, like its brother, the fennel, it has numerous healing properties. Its milk-supporting property is particularly noteworthy. It also relieves flatulence in babies.

Description de l'usine

The entire plant has a strong dill smell. This is how it can be distinguished from other umbellifers. The stems of the annual dill grow to a height of up to one metre at flowering time. The thread-thin leaves are bluish and delicately double pinnate. The yellow flower umbels are large but airy. and very delicate.


Nom scientifique
Anethum graveolens.

Famille de plantes

Pièces d'usine usagées
Leaf & seed.

Période de récolte
June to September.

Medicinal Properties

Utilisation principale : Digestion.

Effets de guérison

        • Problèmes d'estomac
        • Flatulences
        • Breast milk
        • Insomnie
        • Uterus cramps
        • Perte d'appétit
        • Hémorroïdes
        • Crampes menstruelles
        • Ulcères

Méthodes d'application

        • Par voie orale
        • Par voie topique

Forms of Preparation


Dill seeds can be used as tea or boiled in wine to combat flatulence, stomach cramps and to stimulate milk production. As a mild tea it also helps against flatulence in babies, similar to fennel.

Sitz bath

When used as a sitz bath, the herb helps against uterine cramps, for example in painful menstruation.

Warm Compress

As a warm compress in olive oil, dill helps against ulcers.


However, the most common use of dill is in the kitchen. It is used to season cucumbers, salads and sauces.


Synonymes :
Shi Luo Zi, Suva Dana
Dill (Wiktionary)



  • IPA(key): /dɪɫ/
  • Rhymes: -ɪl


Etymology 1

From Middle English dile, from Old English dile (dill, anise); from Proto-Germanic *dilja-, of uncertain, probably non-Indo-European origin, possibly a west European substrate.

Cognate with Old Saxon dilli, Dutch dille, Swedish dill, German Dill.


dill (countable and uncountable, plural dills

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