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Yellow oxalis (Oxalis corniculata) belongs in the the wood-sorrel flower family Oxalidaceae. Many of the plants in this family originate from tropical Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. The name false shamrock comes from the trefoil leaves, which closely resemble the leaves of clover. Other names include creeping lady's-sorrel, creeping oxalis, creeping wood-sorrel and procumbent yellow-sorrel. The example shown is a variety that has purple leaves. The stems of (Oxalis corniculata) can root from where they touch the ground, but, more usually, this plant grows as an annual. The main means of spreading is by seed, ejected forcibly from the ripe seed pods. Yellow oxalis can be a problem weed in some gardens and in lawns.

Oxalis corniculata

Synonymes :
Creeping Wood Sorrel, Changeri
Oxalis_corniculata (Wikipedia)

Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis corniculata23.jpg
Scientific classification edit
O. corniculata
Binomial name
Oxalis corniculata
    • Acetosella corniculata (L.) Kuntze
    • Acetosella corniculata var. subglabra Kuntze
    • Acetosella corniculata var. villosa (M.Bieb.) Kuntze
    • Acetosella herpestica (Schltdl.) Kuntze
    • Acetosella simulans (Baker) Kuntze
    • Oxalis albicans var. sericea DC.
    • Oxalis boreaui P.Fourn.
    • Oxalis boridiensis R.Knuth
    • Oxalis ceratilis E.Mey.
    • Oxalis ciliifera A.Cunn.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea Planch.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. corcovadensis R.Knuth
    • Oxalis corniculata var. glabrocapsula Roti Mich.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. langloisii (Small) Wiegand
    • Oxalis corniculata var. macrophylla Arsène ex R.Knuth
    • Oxalis corniculata var. pilosiuscula (Kunth) Zucc.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. pubescens Griseb.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. radicosa (A.Rich.) Roti Mich.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. repens (Thunb.) Zucc.
    • Oxalis corniculata rubra G.Nicholson
    • Oxalis corniculata var. villosa (M.Bieb.) Hohen.
    • Oxalis corniculata var. viscidula Wiegand
    • Oxalis diffusa Boreau
    • Oxalis foliosa Blatt.
    • Oxalis furcata Elliott
    • Oxalis glauca Raf. ex DC.
    • Oxalis grenadensis Urb.
    • Oxalis herpestica Schltdl.
    • Oxalis humistrata Willd. ex Steud.
    • Oxalis jamaicensis Macfad.
    • Oxalis javanica Blume
    • Oxalis langloisii (Small) Fedde
    • Oxalis lujula Noronha
    • Oxalis lupulina Kunth
    • Oxalis lutea Steud.
    • Oxalis meridensis Pittier
    • Oxalis micrantha Bojer ex Progel
    • Oxalis minima Steud.
    • Oxalis monadelpha Roxb. ex Wight & Arn.
    • Oxalis norlindiana R.Knuth
    • Oxalis pilosiuscula Kunth
    • Oxalis pubescens Stokes
    • Oxalis pusilla Salisb.
    • Oxalis radicosa A.Rich.
    • Oxalis recisa Noronha
    • Oxalis repens Thunb.
    • Oxalis reptans Sol. ex G.Forst.
    • Oxalis simulans Baker
    • Oxalis steudeliana R.Knuth
    • Oxalis taiwanensis (Masam.) Masam.
    • Oxalis tenuicaulis A.Cunn.
    • Oxalis thunbergiana Montrouz.
    • Oxalis trinidadensis R.Knuth
    • Oxalis uittienii J.T.Jansen
    • Oxalis urvillei A.Cunn.
    • Oxalis villosa M.Bieb.
    • Oxys corniculata (L.) Scop.
    • Oxys lutea Lam.
    • Xanthoxalis corniculata (L.) Small
    • Xanthoxalis corniculata subsp. repens (Thunb.) Tzvelev
    • Xanthoxalis grenadensis (Urb.) Tzvelev ex Prob. & Sokolovsk.
    • Xanthoxalis langloisii Small
    • Xanthoxalis repens (Thunb.) Moldenke
    • Xanthoxalis trinidadensis (R.Knuth) Holub
Purple leaved variety.

Oxalis corniculata, the creeping woodsorrel, also called procumbent yellow sorrel or sleeping beauty, is a somewhat delicate-appearing, low-growing herbaceous plant in the family Oxalidaceae. It resembles the common yellow woodsorrel, Oxalis stricta.

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