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Typha Latifolia

Synonymes :
Typha_latifolia (Wikipedia)

Typha latifolia
Typha flwrs.jpg
Mature male flower spike of Typha latifolia;
female flower spike beneath it is
still green (immature)
Scientific classification edit
T. latifolia
Binomial name
Typha latifolia
Synonyms list
  • Massula latifolia (L.) Dulac
  • Typha ambigua Schur ex Rohrb.
  • Typha angustifolia var. inaequalis Kronf.
  • Typha angustifolia var. media Kronf.
  • Typha angustifolia var. sonderi Kronf.
  • Typha crassa Raf.
  • Typha elatior Raf. (Illegitimate)
  • Typha elatior Boreau (Illegitimate)
  • Typha elongata Dudley
  • Typha engelmannii A.Br. ex Rohrb.
  • Typha intermedia Schur
  • Typha latifolia var. ambigua Sond.
  • Typha latifolia var. angustifolia Hausskn.
  • Typha latifolia var. bethulona (Costa) Kronf.
  • Typha latifolia subsp. capensis Rohrb.
  • Typha latifolia f. divisa Louis-Marie
  • Typha latifolia var. elata Kronf.
  • Typha latifolia var. elatior Graebn.
  • Typha latifolia var. elongata Dudley
  • Typha latifolia subsp. eulatifolia Graebn.
  • Typha latifolia var. gracilis Godr.
  • Typha latifolia fo. remota Skvortsov
  • Typha latifolia subsp. maresii (Batt.) Batt.
  • Typha latifolia var. obconica Tkachik
  • Typha latifolia var. orientalis (C.Presl) Rohrb.
  • Typha latifolia var. remotiuscula (Schur) Simonk.
  • Typha latifolia subsp. shuttleworthii (W.D.J.Koch & Sond.) Stoj. & Stef.
  • Typha latifolia var. transsilvanica (Schur) Nyman
  • Typha latifolia var. typica Rothm.
  • Typha major Curtis
  • Typha media Pollini (Illegitimate)
  • Typha palustris Bubani
  • Typha pendula Fisch. ex Sond.
  • Typha remotiuscula Schur
  • Typha spathulifolia Kronf.

Typha latifolia (broadleaf cattail, bulrush, common bulrush, common cattail, cat-o'-nine-tails, great reedmace, cooper's reed, cumbungi) is a perennial herbaceous plant in the genus Typha. It is found as a native plant species in North and South America, Europe, Eurasia, and Africa. In Canada, broadleaf cattail occurs in all provinces and also in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, and in the United States, it is native to all states except Hawaii. It is an introduced and invasive species, and is considered a noxious weed, in Australia and Hawaii. It has been reported in Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.

Cattail (Wiktionary)



From Middle English cattal, cattyle (also as cattestail), equivalent to cat +‎ tail.


  • IPA(key): /ˈkæt.teɪl/ A rare example of gemination in English.


cattail (plural cattails)

  1. Any of several perennial herbs, of the genus Typha, that have long flat leaves, and grow in marshy places


  • (herb in Typha): bulrush, reedmace


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  • catstail
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