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Slippery elm
Catégories : Plantes médicinales
Ulmus_rubra (Wikipedia)

Ulmus rubra
Mature Ulmus rubra in graveyard.jpg
Mature cultivated slippery elm (Ulmus rubra)
Scientific classification edit
Subgenus:U. subg. Ulmus
Section:U. sect. Ulmus
U. rubra
Binomial name
Ulmus rubra
Ulmus rubra range map 3.png
Natural range of Ulmus rubra
  • Ulmus americana L. var. rubra Aiton
  • Ulmus crispa Willd.
  • Ulmus dimidiata Raf.
  • Ulmus elliptica Anon.
  • Ulmus fulva Michx., Loudon, Bentley & Trimen, Sarg.
  • Ulmus Heyderi Späth
  • Ulmus pinguis Raf.
  • Ulmus pubescens Walter

Ulmus rubra, the slippery elm, is a species of elm native to eastern North America, ranging from southeast North Dakota, east to Maine and southern Quebec, south to northernmost Florida, and west to eastern Texas, where it thrives in moist uplands, although it will also grow in dry, intermediate soils. Other common names include red elm, gray elm, soft elm, moose elm, and Indian elm. The tree was first named as part of Ulmus americana in 1753, but identified as a separate species, Ulmus rubra, in 1793 by Pennsylvania botanist Gotthilf Muhlenberg. The slightly later name U. fulva, published by French botanist André Michaux in 1803, is still widely used in dietary-supplement and alternative-medicine information.

The species superficially resembles American elm (U. americana), but is more closely related to the European wych elm (U. glabra), which has a very similar flower structure, though lacks the pubescence over the seed. U. rubra was introduced to Europe in 1830.

Slippery Elm (Wiktionary)



slippery elm (plural slippery elms)

  1. Ulmus rubra, a North American elm tree with a mucilaginous and slightly aromatic inner bark.
  2. A malvaceous shrub (Fremontia californica, now Fremontodendron californicum); so called on the Pacific coast.


  • (Ulmus rubra): red elm, gray elm, soft elm, moose elm, Indian elm
  • (Fremontodendron californicum): California flannelbush, California fremontia, flannel flower
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