Citron vert doux

Green Sweet Mousambi Also Known As Sweet Lemon

Citrus limetta

Synonymes :
Sweet Lime (Wikipedia)
Sweet limes of Salem
The Lumia

Sweet lemon and sweet lime refer to a different groups of citrus hybrids that contain low acid pulp and juice. They are hybrids often similar to non-sweet lemons or limes, but with less citron parentage. Sweet limes and lemons are not sharply separated:

The sweet lime, Citrus limettioides Tan. (syn. C. lumia Risso et Poit.), is often confused with the sweet lemon, C. limetta Tan., (q.v. under LEMON) which, in certain areas, is referred to as "sweet lime". In some of the literature, it is impossible to tell which fruit is under discussion.

The same plant may also be known by different names:

The Indian sweet lime is the mitha nimbu (numerous modifications and other local names) of India, the limûn helou or succari of Egypt, and the Palestine sweet lime (to distinguish it from the Millsweet and Tunisian limettas, commonly called sweet limes).

The sweet lemons and sweet limes are not derived from either lemons or the more common limes, nor do they represent a monophyletic grouping, having arisen from distinct citrus hybridizations. Plants and fruits with the common name sweet lemon or sweet lime include:

Sweet Lime (Wiktionary)



sweet lime (countable and uncountable, plural sweet limes)

  1. sweet lemon


  • bitter orange
  • sweet lemon
  • sweet limetta


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