Flowering and ripe fruits of zucchini in vegetable garden
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Catégories : Plantes médicinales
Cucurbita_pepo (Wikipedia)

Cucurbita pepo
Cucurbita pepo collage 1.png
Assorted cultivars, from top-left, clockwise: pattypan squash, yellow summer squash, a large zucchini (or marrow), and pumpkins
Scientific classification edit
C. pepo
Binomial name
Cucurbita pepo
  • Citrullus variegatus Schrad. ex M.Roem.
  • Cucumis pepo (L.) Dumort.
  • Cucumis zapallo Steud.
  • Cucurbita aurantia Willd.
  • Cucurbita ceratoceras Haberle ex Mart.
  • Cucurbita clodiensis Nocca
  • Cucurbita courgero Ser.
  • Cucurbita elongata Bean ex Schrad.
  • Cucurbita esculenta Gray
  • Cucurbita fastuosa Salisb.
  • Cucurbita grisea M.Roem.
  • Cucurbita hybrida Bertol. ex Naudin
  • Cucurbita lignosa Mill.
  • Cucurbita mammeata Molina
  • Cucurbita mammosa J.F.Gmel.
  • Cucurbita marsupiiformis Haberle ex M.Roem. [Invalid]
  • Cucurbita melopepo L.
  • Cucurbita oblonga Link
  • Cucurbita polymorpha Duchesne
  • Cucurbita pomiformis M.Roem.
  • Cucurbita pyridaris Duchesne ex Poir.
  • Cucurbita pyxidaris DC.
  • Cucurbita subverrucosa Willd.
  • Cucurbita succado Nägeli ex Naudin
  • Cucurbita succedo Arn.
  • Cucurbita tuberculosa Schrad.
  • Cucurbita urnigera Schrad.
  • Cucurbita variegata Steud.
  • Cucurbita venosa Descourt.
  • Cucurbita verrucosa L.
  • Pepo citrullus Sageret
  • Pepo potiron Sageret
  • Pepo vulgaris Moench

Cucurbita pepo is a cultivated plant of the genus Cucurbita. It yields varieties of winter squash and pumpkin, but the most widespread varieties belong to the subspecies Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo, called summer squash.

It has been domesticated in the Americas for thousands of years. Some authors maintain that C. pepo is derived from C. texana, while others suggest that C. texana is merely feral C. pepo. They have a wide variety of uses, especially as a food source and for medical conditions. C. pepo seems more closely related to C. fraterna, though disagreements exist about the exact nature of that connection, too.

It is a host species for the melonworm moth, the squash vine borer, and the pickleworm. They are also the preferred pollen for squash bees.

Zucchini (Wiktionary)


Alternative forms

  • zucchina
  • zucchino


Borrowed from Italian zucchini, plural of zucchino, diminutive of zucca (squash). Ultimately a doublet of courgette through the original Latin cucurbita.


  • enPR: zo͞okē'nē, IPA(key): /zuːˈkiːniː/


zucchini (plural zucchinis or zucchini

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