I’m amazed sometimes, by the amount of friends and customers, who profess that they don’t love themselves. Or, they would love to love themselves, but it seems too hard, or they simply don’t understand how.

Love Yourself

When I have a real good look at myself, typically during times of meditation, I notice all of the ways in which I’m holding back my very own self.

Why is it so tough to love ourselves? Perhaps because we are all good students, and we took to heart all of the many criticisms and nasties thrown at us during our lives. We’re taught to be good to other people, but not to ourselves. And, lots of us were taught that self-love is egocentric, and just plain incorrect.

But what I think, from my experience, and from what I’ve seen with my customers, is that the best way to convey authentic compassion and love for others, would be to love ourselves.

Self-love is what’s going to allow you to take better care of yourself. It can allow you to navigate the world with more courage and confidence. It can allow you to stop procrastinating, so that you can get more done. It can allow you to make boundaries to keep you secure. Self-love is the 1 elixir we can’t thrive without.

As significant as it is nonetheless, self-evident is often pushed into the far back burner of our lives.

To always tap into feelings of self indulgent, it is imperative to create rituals and patterns that will assist you. And because self-love may be a somewhat foreign idea, repetition is important. Following are a few of my personal favorites.

Six ways to grow Self Indulgent


Write down a list of personal qualities and characteristics you like or enjoy about yourself. For instance, “I really like the way I get up early in the morning” or “I really like my kindness”, or “I really like the way I’m with animals”, or “I really like the way I listen to other people”. Write down as many authentic qualities/attributes as you can. Keep this list handy and read it to yourself daily. Add to it regularly.

Spend 5 Minutes Meditating on Loving Yourself

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and start to scan your body, considering your love on your hands, your feet, your mouth, etc.. As you do that, think about the ways that your body will help you. (Don’t focus on how it looks.)

Next, let yourself feel love for your heart, your digestive tract, your reproductive system, your lungs, your skin and your mind. Follow this with love for your instinct, your kindness, your sense of empathy, and any other personal qualities that come to mind. Experiment with this technique by doing it every day for 1 week or longer, and fix as feels right for you.

Write a letter to yourself from a younger, or older self

Sometimes it is helpful to view yourself from a different angle. Write a letter from a younger self, describing the manners she loves you. Write a letter from an older self with words of encouragement and compassion.

Use EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping can be quite valuable to release unwanted emotions and negative mind chatter. When we’re feeling anxious, sad, angry, or upset, it is tough to sense loving towards ourselves, or others. If you’re knowledgeable about the tapping points, concentrate on an undesirable feeling, while tapping the points. This will help release the sensation.

Visualize Yourself In A Field of Unconditional Love

Here’s a visualization adapted from a technique I use with my Matrix Reimprinting customers. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re standing in a field. Allow the area to fill with Divine Unconditional Love – whatever manner you decide to see it. Allow yourself to be caressed and nurtured by this love. Let yourself feel the tender compassion of unconditional love, that notices nothing but your inherent attractiveness. Stay here as long as you like

Look after your Body

The better you look after yourself, the better you will feel about yourself. Eat a nourishing, wholesome diet. Get a lot of rest. Drink a lot of water. Get regular exercise. Meditate. As needed, or as afforded, schedule yourself for massage, chiropractic, reiki, EFT tapping, or some other body-mind modality that will help you in feeling the best that you can feel.


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