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Leucorrhea or white vaginal discharge is the natural defense system of vagina but excessive discharge might suggest presence of infection or other problems, natural treatment can alleviate the scenario without unwanted effects and effectively. Usually vaginal discharge is due to estrogen stimulation in the body, to maintain vagina free of infections body of a female secretes fluid to keep it flexible and maintain healthy PH stability to prevent infections, and estrogen stimulation may cause increased flow. During pregnancy or after delivery or even during puberty many females face this problem which subsides by itself in most of the instances.

Leucorrhea causes

It can be caused by vaginal infections, STD and allergy. Female’s body counters any vaginal infection by sustaining the PH balance of the vagina by means of secretion of this fluid and to keep up its elasticity. Females in the habit of excessive douching their genitals face this problem frequently. Detergents used to wash dishes or clothes sometime have certain chemical substances which may trigger mild allergy to initiate this problem. Use of scented toilet paper or deodorant or perfume within the undergarments also promotes this problem if they’re intolerable to a female’s physique. Birth controlling measures like capsules, copper T and condoms can also cause allergy or minor irritation in the female’s genitals to initiate leucorrhea.

Leucorrhea can be due to infections and allergic reactions as well as hormonal stimulation, whatever may be the cause if this problem grows out of bounds then it certainly needs treatment as it can be debilitating and troublesome. Leucorrhea is more of a symptom of irritation of female’s genitals then an issuin itself. When discharge is yellow in coloration and has odor in it, it’s mostly due to infection or allergy. Bacterial or yeast infections can cause change in coloration of discharge and trigger irritating smell, herbal treatments are advised to treatment such infections. Frequent and colored discharge signifies presence of STD or other problems which act as triggers to leucorrhea.

Remèdes naturels

Coriandre seeds present very efficient herbal treatment for leucorrhea, 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds boiled in a cup of water, consumed after cooling, can provide relief from the issue. Drinking rice water combined with sugar is also an effective natural treatment for leucorrhea. 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek boiled in a single liter of water once it starts boiling preserve it on a low flame for another half an hour. Later strain it and use the water for douching 3 times in a day. Banane with ghee also constitutes a helpful therapy for leucorrhea; one ripe banana with 1 tsp of ghee on a regular basis is very useful in relieving the problem.

Some Typs

Keep away from excessive douching with water, scented toilet paper, deodorant and perfume in undergarments. Consuming enough quantity of water can be a treatment as it alkalizes the PH balance of blood to counter minor allergies and infections in the body. Keep away from spicy meals, long sitting hours, tight fitting or nylon made undergarments to help the body in treating the problem. If one uses any sort of lubrication or birth controlling measure, medical advice shall be taken about its effect on the body.