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Mild hair loss isn’t unusual and is most evident after washing, combing and brush it out. The average person loses a couple of strands per day but when it becomes excessive, there may be cause for concern. For many, thinning hair is embarrassing and leads to a lack of self-confidence.


Contributions to hair loss could be due to a disease or illness, such as lupus and thyroid disorder due to hormonal imbalance. Alopecia is because of a compromised immune system. Some conditions can cause your hair to fall out on a temporary basis while those with a long-term illness or disease will continue to eliminate hair. Additionally, some drugs prescribed for gout, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart ailments and acne can cause a temporary loss of hair.

Other causes include a improper diet and exercise program which causes malnutrition. Stress, both physically and emotionally can lead to hair loss in addition to multiple products used in your hair, causing damage to the hair follicles. This often is a temporary problem but may be permanent, determined by the regular use of damaging dyes, bleaches and perms.

Shampoos and Massage

Health for your scalp and hair should start with the products you use. Avoid shampoos with chemicals which could be harsh and result in hair loss. To prevent or treat this, look at a shampoo with natural and pure ingredients. The purest of shampoos may rejuvenate your follicles and scalp while restoring essential nutrients and unblock follicles to promote new growth. An anti-fungal shampoo with androgen blocking properties to treat inflammation associated with baldness. An androgen blocker inhibits the practice of thinning hair and loss brought on by hormone activity whilst treating discomfort of itching, irritation, tingling and pain on your scalp. It’s been shown also that massaging your scalp on a daily basis for a couple of minutes may stimulate the blood circulation to your hair follicles.

Régime alimentaire et exercice physique

Eating a healthy, nutritional diet with various fresh fruits and vegetables can help keep your hair in good shape and complete. Eat a well-balanced diet with a supplementation of B6 vitamins together with folic acid to give appropriate nutrients for hair growth. Exercise aids in the development of blood flow and circulation, a crucial process to assist in the health of your hair follicles.

Remèdes à base de plantes

In this time of natural remedies, there are herbal remedies available to deal with the loss and thinning of hair. Such treatments include the use of coconut milk, alfalfa, aloe vera, Indian gooseberry oil, rosemary and lavender. Noix de coco milk is placed on the scalp and massaged into nourish the hair while stimulating hair growth. Luzerne is a nutrient juice, taken daily for healthy hair growth. Aloe vera is a natural lubricant while it balances the ph of your scalp and cleanses the pores. Indian Groseille à maquereau oil is helpful in preventing hair loss as it stimulates growth. Both Sage and rosemary are herbs found in many wholesome shampoos. You can create your own remedy by massaging these together along with peach leaves, ortie and burdock. Strain the herbs, cool the liquid and wash your hair every day for new hair growth.

Losing your hair doesn’t need to be a permanent problem and may be improved with appropriate health, nutrition and supplements. Your doctor can work with you in the event you do have concerns so you can find the best choice to fulfill your needs.