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Do you need to know how to eliminate a yeast infection? If so, you aren’t alone. Three out of four girls have at least one disease in their lives. And 50 percent of those have multiple. So you may say they are very common, but also very annoying. It would be so nice if we can get rid of a yeast infection with the messy creams. And there’s a new product on the marketplace that can do that.

Infection à la levure

Obviously the best way to eliminate a yeast infection is not to get one in the first location. There are many things which you can do to prevent a yeast infection. Understand that yeast is present in the human body and in the vagina at all times in healthy quantities. Yeast enjoys a warm and moist environment and multiplies quickly when the conditions are right. Keeping this in mind will go a long way to preventing yeast infections. Quickly eliminate wet swimsuits or workout clothing, wear cotton panties, and avoid tight clothes.

Sometimes a yeast infection can’t be helped, for example if you are taking antibiotics your pH level drops, which makes it much easier for the yeast to multiply. When that happens we need to know how to eliminate a yeast infection, preferably without using those over-the-counter lotions. Some home remedies can be just as messy as the over-the-counter lotions, but they are made with natural ingredients and cost less.

Remèdes naturels

The greatest home remedy that people talk about is yogurt. Yes, yogurt can be used to eliminate a yeast infection. Use sugar-free, plain yogurt with active cultures. You will need to find the yogurt to the vagina . Many people would dip a tampon to the yogurt and put it in the vagina a few times a day. Or you may use some other approach to scoop it in the vagina. You may even spread some around the exterior, the labia, for instant relief. Yes this is just as cluttered as lotions and you’ll have to use a pad.

If you are familiar with tampons, you can use tea tree oil. A couple drops onto a tampon put in the vagina night and morning will bring relief fast. I also have heard of people wrapping some garlic in cheesecloth and putting it in the vagina.


When your vagina is irritated by a yeast infection, I know I would much rather find another way to eliminate the yeast infection. There’s currently a homeopathic spray that may heal a yeast infection. Two sprays under the tongue, three times per day will get rid of a yeast infection. Finally, relief with no mess.