Portrait d'une jeune femme asiatique de 20 ans ayant des difficultés à respirer dans une chambre à coucher la nuit. Essoufflement, asthme, problèmes de respiration difficile. Symptômes du virus Corona.

Whatever the method you may try, natural or conventional, eliminating your asthma might not be possible. Because of one reason, asthma is chronic; significance this problem is recurring and enduring. Despite all the attempts made by science and herbalists, the treatment remains illusive up until today. But in a way of speaking, achieving total control over the condition will somewhat equate to ridding it. While it might still be present, attacks will be visibly fewer or nearly nonexistent and so will flare-ups.

Des moyens naturels

The main difference which may be stated when choosing between conventional and natural method is at the side effects that may be anticipated for long term usage. To put it simply, natural asthma treatment doesn’t have the side effects that long term use of asthma medication may have. On the contrary, the longer that you use natural remedies, the more your body gain from it.

Breathing methods

Breathing techniques are among the best alternatives which you may learn if you would like to achieve relief with no threat of side effects. Methods like Papworth, Buteyko, and Pranayama teaches asthmatics how to get better control over their state using correct breathing methods. What’s great about breathing methods is that learning and mastery can be achieved in a brief span of time and normal practice can cause long term benefits.

Traitement par les plantes

Herbs have been used by people in many parts of Asia not only in managing asthma but also with several other illnesses. The fantastic thing about using herbal concoctions is how it does not only handle the condition but also aids in eliminating underlying causes which could make it worse. When choosing to take this option, bear in mind you will need expert help to get the most from your treatment.


acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy that originated from China. This therapy bases its philosophy on balancing the negative (yin) and positive (yang) forces within the body to be able to achieve wellbeing. By inserting thin needles at specific points known as meridians, the purpose of acupuncture is to tip the balance so the positive forces within the body is able to have more favor and thereby benefiting the individual. Although medical testing has yet to establish whether this process is successful or not, many asthmatic patients have attested to its efficacy.

Traitement chiropratique

Chiropractic treatment involves the process of realigning certain bones to be able to correct or optimize the role of a specific organ. As of this moment data concerning the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment is inadequate that’s the reason why you’ll have to consult you doctor first to get expert advice so that undesirable situations can be avoided.

Remèdes à domicile

home remedies involve the use of common household items for treating asthma. Home remedies should be given more thought and research before trying out as a few have absurd reasoning on why they may be effective against asthma. Common household items like milk, honey, ginger and others are some of the commonly found ingredients in home remedies.


There are other organic ways to eliminate asthma and it’s important that you choose carefully as some may not be as powerful as others. Try to prevent self-experimentation and always get advice from experts first before trying out anything. Consider your security above all else if you are searching for alternative treatments.