As a devout summer camper I’ve already experienced all types of different insect bites beginning with fleas and biting flies and end up with bed bugs and spiders. In all the years I have tried a myriad of different home remedies and of people who have worked best for me I left a list of how to eliminate bug bites:

Salt water

Salt water is a reliable home remedy for all sort of bug bites. I tried it on bed mosquito and insect bites and it worked really effective. First you’ve got to produce a paste of water and tab salt. You could also use garlic, seasoning salt and Epson or kosher salt. I used to take 3-4 Tbsp. of salt and few drops of cold water. Then take a clean cloth, water it with the mixture and apply it on to the affected region. You can also rub the salt directly over the snacks or soak it in the mixture. Initially it will lead to a strong burning for several minutes but then you’ll feel a wonderful relief from itchiness and swelling.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant works wonder for any type of insect bites and skin irritation. It’s a natural antiseptic and it’s working antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and it encourage your body to heal faster.

Just snap off a piece of the stem and cut it to take the juice out. Keep the juice in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes until it gets a chilly sense. Now rub the fresh Aloe Vera gel over the affected area and it is going to shortly decrease the swell, itching and pain. You may reapply as often as needed. If you don’t have an aloe vera plant at hand you may also use the gel available at departmental stores. Aloe vera is one of my favorite home remedies, since it’s working extremely fast and it provides an extremely soothing touch.

Banana peels

Peel the banana and Use the inside of the peel to the bulge. After 90 seconds remove the peel and wash the area and then apply hand sanitizer. Banana peels can take away the itching, but it will not hasten the healing process. I tried it on a mosquito bites and it worked really nicely for me.


A common belief is that saliva found in the mouth has natural disinfectants why it ought to be beneficial to”lick your wounds”. I attempted spit on mosquito bites and bee stings. In my experience saliva doesn’t cure the redness but it stops the itching extremely fast. I spread the snacks with saliva whenever it began to itch (2-3 days ). I know it’s hard, but it’s necessary to maintain the scratching after you place on saliva. It should begin working after 3-5 minutes. I frequently use it when I’m camping outside.

Baking soda paste

Another option is to create a paste from baking soda mixed with water. Mix the two components in a ratio 2:1 so that you get a tick glue. Cover all of your insect bites with the glue for around 5 minutes. Wash of yesteryear with cold water.This concept may be employed on a larger scale when the man has been coated with a lot of snacks. Just add some glue to a warm tub. Its working for all sorts of bites and skin irritations.


Cold ice is a fantastic system to control the swelling. Cold temperatures accelerate the spread of anti-inflammatory substances into the affected region and inhibit the swelling.You can take an icepack or place some crashed ice into a sterile towel and hold it over the affected area for around 5-10 minutes. This provides you with quick relief from the swelling in addition to itchiness. I use ice before applying a different strategy. Just ice wont take away the itching and swell.


Among the most affective and easiest ways to eliminate insect bites is to rub the affected area with a sterile soap bar. The relief from this way is super-fast and works quicker than you can mix up other family remedies. It’s wise to use a high quality organic and gentle soap. After covering the bites with soapwash it with cold water and apply some antiseptic cream. It has not worked for me on insect bites and stings!


A very easy way to eliminate a bug bite is to cover the bite with tooth paste. You need to apply toothpaste directly on the snack and spread it around the bite until the toothpaste dries. The paste will begin to fall of piece by piece and you’ll soon feel a wonderful relief. When the sting is gone it is possible to wash the rest of the toothpaste.


The last but not the least home remedy of ways to eliminate insect bites is oignon. Onions have a potent healing enzyme that could alleviate the discomfort and promote healing. Rub the juice from a sheet of cut onion in your mosquito bite. It’ll stop itching instantly and if you put on the onion juice a couple of times each day the snack will disappear in a couple of days. I’ve tried this method many times and I highly recommend it for mosquito bites and stings.

Special TIP for campers!

If you’re out camping in the wilderness and do not have access to the family methods there’s something for you also. Mud is the most natural means of everything to eliminate bug bites. If you employ wet sand into the affected area and allow it to completely dry it will release the pain of these snacks. This notion has been used for as long as recorded history. Making a mask of sand will also prevent bugs from stinging in the first location.


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