Pomme mûre accrochée à un arbre

Imagine the joy of having your own apple tree in your backyard, not only this but one which you grew yourself from none other than the seeds that nature provided. Imagine having your very own continuous supply and using them for general eating and making tasty apple pies.

Apple trees

Growing apple trees from seeds is really quite simple, it only requires patience and time. Once the procedure is complete and the tree is up and developing it actually gives you a feeling of achievement and accomplishment. To begin with you may need some apple seeds, that’s not so difficult, just buy your favorite brand of apple from the neighborhood grocery store and believe it or not that’s the first step on the ladder to developing your own tree. Now you can either simply cut an apple retrieve the seeds wait till you eat it and then recover the seeds after. Usually you can collect up to six seeds from 1 apple but the more you collect the greater

Faites-le !

Once you’ve got your seeds put them out on a sheet of kitchen paper or tissue paper and allow them thoroughly dry out. You don’t need any apple residue to remain on the seeds so just let them dry out for about an hour and then check to see that the seeds are dry and clean. At this point nothing bad will happen to the seed as they’re quite robust and you’ll be ready for another stage. All this preparation is essential as it helps in the germination. Once the seeds are dry and clear they’re then prepared for the next phase.

Apple seeds are by character equipped with a timer that tells it as it’s spring and winter, as it adjusts its germination procedure by the temperature. That’s how it is for seeds of plants, but apple seeds require the winter cold to begin the procedure. To imitate the winter cold you can use your fridge in your kitchen. Some of you may be thinking at this point would that damage the seed, but rest assure it won’t harm the seed at all and to begin get a fresh sheet of kitchen paper and wet it. Place about five or six actions on the paper so they have space between each one covering one half of the sheet and fold the other half of this sheet over so that the seeds are sandwiched in between. Get a resealable sea via plastic bag or a plastic container and put the paper with seeds indoors and seal shut. Write the date on container or bag and put in refrigerator, checking every couple of days that the paper remains moist. This is currently simulating winter conditions and the seed will begin the germination process.

The length that the seeds will need to stay in the refrigerator can be from 1 month to three months, maybe for some varieties slightly longer. When roots do begin to grow you will find a tiny white growth protruding from one end of the seed. When the roots have reached a certain length like ten to fifteen millimetres they’re prepared to enter small pots. To begin use 3 inch pots and fill them with mulch, make a hole in the center about half an inch deep and put one seed in and cover the hole up.

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After about two weeks you should see the new seedling sprouting from the pots and from there that they will grow very quickly. Remember to water them frequently and don’t let the compost dry out. As the saplings grow bigger you can transplant them into larger pots and then when they reach a height of approximately two to three feet they’re ready to be transplanted to the ground. Apple trees like a nice sunny place and they don’t wish to be planted too close to other trees. It takes about eight years to get an apple tree to achieve its entire height. It might reach about fifteen feet when fully grown but they can be pruned so that they don’t grow too wildly.