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Here are the most common causes of cold sores which, when recognized early, can help you prevent the sores from recurring

Quelles sont les causes des feux sauvages ?

Too much sunlight

There are a great deal of individuals that are prone to getting cold sores after being exposed to too much sun or when they get sunburned. To avoid this, you can apply some fantastic sunscreen on your lips, typically in the shape of a lip balm, as your first line of defense. When your cold sores are caused by sunlight, then these are what you call as fever blisters. So avoid exposing yourself a lot of sun especially during the period of time between 10 am to 3 pm. Sunscreen that has SPF 15 or greater is a certain must-have, or you could maybe put on a hat that could completely protect your mouth and face.

Cold Wind

In extremely cold weather, it is possible to get a sunscreen that’s extremely handy for as long as it’s sufficient moisturizing content. You need to be very cautious of stains in your mouth and face which turn dry during the cold weather. Try to use some moisturizers as you take hot showers or baths together with employing some hydrating masks to always maintain your whole skin moisturized. Drink loads of water because it is the best way to always keep yourself well hydrated.

Menstruation and Pregnancy

Menstrual period and pregnancy causes your body to experience plenty of changes in your hormones that could cause the outbreak of cold sores. This is most likely because the hormonal changes trigger your immune system to weaken that is a natural thing to happen. Naturally, a weakened immune system won’t be able to guard your body against diseases, and this is the best time for your sleeping virus to attack – when you’re at your weakest. In order that you still get a grasp of those modifications, you need to keep your body strong constantly through immune system boosters.

The Occurrence of a Flu

As mentioned before, a weakened immune system means that a diminished resistance. This also occurs when you have the flu or feel ill – these are the times that cold cores can probably occur. Hence, everything that you can do about this is to steer clear of those people who are sick so you won’t get the virus too. Make it a habit to clean your hands well. This is the easiest way to stop spreading germs. Take a great deal of rest and eat healthy foods.


Remember that when you’re under stress, your immune system will weaken also. This will result in you being more prone to ailments that include other health troubles which are too inconvenient to manage like cold sores.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Naturally

If you go and visit your doctor, chances are, you’ll be prescribed with antifungal drugs to relieve you of your cold sores. Once more, I suggest the use of natural ways to do this. After all, side effects and negative effects come as part of the bundle of pharmaceutical products. But you really don’t need to resort to using these drugs all of the time. The natural and home remedies which you can do to cure cold sores are in fact too many to mention. Here, we’ll discuss only six big ways on how you can do it all on your own.

      • Steer clear of those people who have cold sores too. This just means avoiding any kind of intimate contact with somebody who has cold sores, for certainly, you’d get it. Even in case you won’t get to a point of kissing them, if their lip has touched something which you might have touched also, then you can definitely deal with the sores at any given point in time.
      • Steer clear of extreme weather temperatures. Just like what we’ve discussed in the causes of the health problem, you must steer clear of harsh winds and sunlight that could cause a cold sores outbreak.
      • Use lip balm that has content. This will certainly protect your lips from too much sun exposure, and it prevents your lips from drying too. By doing this, you remain protected from any potential flare ups.
      • Take in plenty of fluids. If you already have the cold sores, then you have to take in plenty of fluids – water and healthy fresh fruit juices are great alternatives. This will assist in lessening the period of time you may need to undergo the sores. Fruits have antioxidative properties which can help improve your immune system.
      • Utilize tea bags. You might not be conscious of this, but tea bags contain chemicals that may fight the virus and prevent it from causing further inflammation. It is possible to put the tea bags right along with your cold sore place.
      • Apply some aloe vera or witch hazel. The aloe vera may also cure a good deal of skin ailments that does not exclude cold sores. On the other hand, witch hazel is an herb whose extracts may be used for medicinal purposes and also you can get it from your local health shop. You could also just simply use salt on your cold sores since it’s capable of allowing it to dry quicker than you expect. It might be quite painful, yes. But you’ll notice its effects soon enough. However, if your pain threshold is too low, then select the other choices which don’t hurt as much.