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Most individuals deal with their daily hectic schedules. Most of the time, their dietary needs are normally neglected since they believe that eating a balanced diet will require them too much time. Thus, they procure on eating easy-to-prepare foods and fast-food solutions. However, these poor eating habits can often lead to health problems and nutritional deficiencies. Among the common nutritional deficiencies is that the iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency

This problem often occurs when a person does not consume enough iron-rich foods. Iron provides several vital functions in the body. Low levels of iron in the body can cause iron-related disease like anemia, which in turn may result in other severe medical issues.

Iron is one of the vital minerals in the body, as it offers a good deal of functions that are crucial in maintaining the normal functioning of the body systems. It’s used in the production of hemoglobin and enzymes which are needed in regulating the health of the body. Also, it helps in the transport of oxygen from the blood to the various areas of the body and functions as a catalyst in the majority of metabolic reactions that are important for cell growth. This element is very important in boosting the immune system and in the correct functioning of the liver. Its current recommended daily allowance from the body is 18 mg.

Iron level

To keep the recommended iron level within the body, the best means to do is to consume foods rich in iron. Individuals having low levels of iron are constantly weak and inactive compared to individuals with normal iron levels. Taking iron-rich foods regularly will free someone from the possibility of developing anemia, maintaining a person hale and healthy.

High in iron foods

Chocolate and Cacao Powder

Some might think it’s a junk food, but chocolates are providing health benefits to people especially those who have iron-related issues. Pure cacao powder with no milk, cacao fat, and sugar may offer 36mg of iron at a one-hundred gram serving. Also, unsweetened baking chocolate provides 17.4mg per 100g serving. Most of the sweetened milk chocolates supply 2.4mg per 100g.

Roasted Pumpkin and Squash Seeds

As a well-known food in the Middle East and in East Asia, squash and pumpkin seeds include about 15mg of iron per 100g serving. These seeds can be bought in local supermarkets and in groceries. If these are unavailable in the said shops, one can surely see them in specialty shops. Also, an individual can conserve pumpkin and squash seeds and have them as the dried seeds contain more iron than roasted seeds.

Liver (Animal)

Animal liver is a vitamin-rich food that’s mostly packed with iron. Before, it had been prescribed by doctors as a cure for nausea and as a nutritional supplement food for pregnant women. Among animal livers, the liver of the duck comprises the most iron, with 30.5mg per 100g serving, followed by pork liver, chicken liver, and turkey liver.


Clams include the most iron material, with 28mg per 100 serving. On the other hand, oysters provide about 12mg of iron every 100g serving. These different sorts of fish could be eaten steamed, fried, baked, or raw.

Herbes séchées

Herbs have been known to have a great deal of iron and nutrients, and it is widely used for medicinal purposes. One of the dried herbs, dried thyme comprises the most quantity of iron with 124mg per 100g serving. Other herbs like dried parsley, spearmint, black pepper, marjoram, cumin seed, oregano, dill, bay leaf, coriander, basil, ground garlic, peppermint, fenugreek seed, chervil, and rosemary have a whole lot of iron contents.

Vegetables which are high in Iron

green, leafy vegetables like collard greens, turnips, spinach, cabbage, and mustard are popular iron-rich foods. Other excellent sources of iron include broccoli, beet roots, peas, potato, asparagus, Swiss chard, watermelon, watercress, corn, and Brussels sprouts.

Legumes that are full of Iron

Some legumes that are full of iron include green beans, lima beans, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, lentils, and legumes.

Animal products which are high in Iron

Non-vegetarians can definitely enjoy animal products which are full of iron. These products include poultry and turkey, liver, sardines, chicken liver, beef, and red meat.