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Eczema is a skin disease which affects millions worldwide. Those who suffer from eczema can let you know how bothersome the itch can be. Many rather suffer the pain of getting bleeding and crying skin, compared to itch. This problem is worse in children as they can’t help themselves but scrape their skin until it cracks and bleeds. Many have to rely on topical steroids and anti-histamines for relief. There’s nothing wrong with this except that over addiction will cause serious side effects on your body. However, personally I prefer to alternate remedies for my young son. Here are a few of the remedies for itch relief I find powerful. Everyone is different and not all methods works for everybody. You need to provide these eczema home remedies a try to understand what works best for you.


      • Increase your vitamin C consumption. Many don’t understand that Vitamin C is the best type of organic anti-histamine for your entire body. It can be as easy as taking an excess orange or grapefruit. Going for natural Vitamin C is best. However, if you will need to supplement, make sure it’s from organic sources.
      • Soak that area of skin in Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulfate. The Epsom salt soak will actually attack the contaminated region, and consequently promotes the recovery. Another great solution is using sea salts or bath crystals. Make certain that it is from natural source to get the best results. You can have a look at organic sea salt .
      • Soaking in colloidal oatmeal bath is another outstanding way to ease the itching. The oatmeal referred here differs from the oatmeal we usually take for our breakfast, instead it’s the refined version of this breakfast oatmeal. It’s so fine that it functions as a colloid. When it’s added to water, it produces a milk-like material, which provides the water a slimy consistency. When the colloidal oatmeal covers the skin, it really binds the skin, thus moisturize and protect the skin. Colloidal oatmeal is not difficult to prepare at home with a food processor or blender to grind it finely. Make sure that it is nice enough as coarser oatmeal will sink to the bottom and doesn’t bind with the water. It is also possible to buy in any organic health shop. A note, however, colloidal oatmeal isn’t right to use it on seriously inflamed skin. Otherwise, this is a powerful way to facilitate itchiness.
      • Drink chamomile until you sleep. Camomille is a fantastic itch relieving choice if you are not allergic to chamomile. I’d suggest consuming a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime to help with the night time itching. For one longtime sufferer of psoriasis, this proposal brought successful relief. For another, it caused an allergic reaction. Thus, only use chamomile IF you’re not allergic to it.
      • Cold wet compress are successful in providing relief to severe itchiness. The affected area should be wrapped with thick soft fabric. The fabric should be moistened with cold water every 15 to 30 minutes for 2 hours at a time. The bandage should be left intact to maintain the fabric chilly.
      • Oil of oregano is proven to be effective to prevent eczema itch to a people. Oil should be from wild oregano. It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacteria and is excellent in treating parasites and candida. The concentrated form is found to be effective in treating eczema. However, you need to be caution that oil of oregano may burn the skin a little. Therefore if you’re using it for young kids, make sure it is of reduced concentration or dilute it with olive oil until you apply on the skin. Apply the oil every time after shower for the best results. Read more about oil of oregano here.

Remember to try out the methods to determine which is best for your skin. What works for one doesn’t mean it’ll work for another. However, many have found these methods effective for itch relief. These methods are just a small portion of several others.